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Bipasha's clinical approach towards films

Bipasha's clinical approach towards films

Feb 18 2012 12:20AMBipasha Bas's first huge film of the year "Players" bombed at the box office, but this hasn't affected her career.She has moved on."I am very clinical towards my films." ...Read more

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Ishq Hai Tumse on

Cast: Deno Moria, Bipasha Basu, Dino Morea and others

Director: G. Krishna

Genre - Romance

Release Date - Jan 02, 2004

Ishq Hai Tumse is a movie about friendship that does not heed the boundary of religion. Khusboo and Arjun are the children of two bosom friends – Nawab Usman and Thakur Shankar following the religions of Islam and Hinduism respectively. Shankar was invited by his friend to attend his daughter’s wedding. The former went to Lucknow with his family to be a part of the wedding celebrations. ...More about Ishq Hai Tumse ...