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Sonakshi's cousin all set to enter films

Sonakshi's cousin all set to enter films

Jun 1 2012 3:47PMAfter Priyanka Chopra, now Sonakshi Sinha's cousin, Bhavna Ruparel, is set to make her debut as a full-fledged actress with a Telugu film and is keen to do meaty roles in movies. ...Read more

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Cast: Perizaad Zorabian, Victor Banerjee, Khalid Siddiqui and others

Director: Anant Balani

Genre - Drama, Social

Release Date - Dec 09, 2003

Justice J.P. Chatterjee has lived is life in a shell for the past 40 years. His life revolved around his duties as a Judge. Period. Now after retirement he has taken up some extra-curricular activities, one of which is jogging. He meets with a beautiful young woman named Jenny, and is attracted to her. She needs his help in resolving an on-going judicial matter. Chatterjee assists her ...More about Jogger's Park ...