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Now the ‘Road Movie’ in Marathi

Now the ‘Road Movie’ in Marathi

Dec 15 2013 2:44PMAt the time when Marathi filmmakers are in the mood of experimentation, 'Khel Mandla' and 'Sharyat' fame Viju Mane is aspiring to take it a notch higher by introducing an immensely popular 'Road Movie' genre in Marathi with his upcoming film 'Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi' (Forget and forgive). ...Read more

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Marathi actor wins Screen award

Marathi actor wins Screen award

Jan 14 2013 6:41PMMarathi feature film Khel Mandala, which has won the hearts of the audience as well as judges of various film festivals, has added another feather to its cap. The film’s lead actor Mangesh Desai has won the Screen award for Best Actor in a Marathi film. ...Read more

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Cast: Mangesh Desai, Ananya Devre, Uday Sabnis and others

Director: Viju Mane

Genre - Drama, Family

Release Date - Apr 27, 2012

A puppeteer Dasu lives in a slum and sustains his livelihood with the help of dolls and puppets. One day he finds an abandoned baby girl and names her as Bahuli. Bahuli can’t see,hear or speak. But all this does not deter Dasu and he beautifully takes care of her. The girl grows up and starts performing as a living puppet on the streets of Mumbai. Meanwhile a journalist ...More about Khel Mandala ...