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I haven't forgotten my roots: Freida

I haven't forgotten my roots: Freida

Mar 16 2013 4:48PMShe may be rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of Hollywood, but Freida Pinto wants Indians to know that she will always remain true to her country. "I would like to take this opportunity to tell everybody who thinks that I have forgotten my roots – that is untrue and absolute rubbish... ...Read more

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Indian animation industry booms

Indian animation industry booms

Jul 28 2012 3:11PMThe Indian animation industry is on a growth trajectory given not just the talent pool and lower costs but also the treasure trove of Indian mythology and folklore that can be retold through a new age medium, says filmmaker Ketan Mehta, who believes that "own content" is the way forward. ...Read more

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Art director Ashish Lakhia passes away

Art director Ashish Lakhia passes away

Mar 13 2012 2:04PMAshish Lakhia, one of the most talented art directors known for his work in "Mirch Masala" and "Maya Memsahib", has died.Ashish passed away in Ahmedabad Sunday of multiple organ failure ...Read more

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Mirch Masala on

Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Benjamin Gilani, Raj Babbar and others

Director: Ketan Mehta

Genre - Drama, Social

Release Date - Feb 18, 1987

The film opens with an arrogant subedar(Naseruddin shah) (local tax collector in colonial India) and his soldiers rampaging through a village. The subedar has an eye for women and soon spots Sonbai (Smita patil) on the riverbank. Sonbai is an intelligent, beautiful and strong woman. Her confidence intrigues the subedar. The film moves deeper into the village. The subedar holds ...More about Mirch Masala ...