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'Mumbhai Connection' makers promote Atlanta

'Mumbhai Connection' makers promote Atlanta

Aug 22 2014 4:12PMRafique Batcha, lead of the upcoming movie 'Mumbhai Connection' urges Indian film makers to come to Atlanta Georgia, US. He believes that rather than spending huge bucks for different locations, they might as well shoot it at Atlanta as it is an all in one location. ...Read more

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Cast: Balu Rajagopal, Rafiq Batcha, Carey Martin and others

Director: Atlanta Nagendra

Genre -

Release Date - Aug 22, 2014

Faisal is a hardworking, honest Indian IT salesman living in Atlanta. When he gets laid off, he struggles to find a company that will sponsor his work visa and give him a job. Dejected, he plans to return to India but just then he runs into an old friend at a party. As luck would have it, his friend happens to be a recruiter for a new IT start-up company called BA-IT. His friend offers ...More about Mumbhai Connection ...