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Dhamak songs to be enhanced in UK

Dhamak songs to be enhanced in UK

Feb 21 2013 7:29PMDirector Rajendra Bandivadekar is off to London for the remix and mastering of the songs of his upcoming movie Dhamak. The film’s album has six songs and they will undergo a huge change at the Globe Recording studios, London... ...Read more

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Profession: Actor, Producer, Music Director

Movies: Dhamak (2014), Jekhane Ashray (2009), Barodir Bramhachari Baba Lokenath (2007)

Nirmal Kumar is one-man bridge between the east and the west. His writings aim at projecting that the Indian and the Western literature, philosophy, psychology and culture project the same truth in different ways. Where they differ, the differences are because they are two halves of human knowledge that have to integrate to express the truth; and that truth, too, would be ...More about Nirmal Kumar ...