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Will Tara Sharma make a comeback?

Will Tara Sharma make a comeback?

Jul 4 2013 6:04PMTara Sharma, who was seen in films like Om Jai Jagdish, Khosla Ka Ghosla and Masti, says she might consider a comeback only if some script really appeals to her. With her Bollywood career going nowhere, Tara happily shifted to TV with her own children's show titled The Tara Sharma Show. ...Read more

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Anupam Kher to direct... again?

Anupam Kher to direct... again?

Jan 21 2013 4:12PMAnupam Kher, in his three decade long Bollywood career, has directed only one film till date. But now he plans to don the director’s hat again. "I would like to get into direction, but right now I am not mentally prepared to give one year of my life to a film. ...Read more

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Om Jai Jagadish on

Cast: Anil Kapoor, Fardeen Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and others

Director: Anupam Kher

Genre - Drama, Family

Release Date - Jul 19, 2002

Widowed Mrs. Saraswati Batra (WAHEEDA REHMAN) has brought up three sons with a lot of care and love. Her eldest son Om (ANIL KAPOOR) is very honest and diligent; her two other sons Jai (FARDEEN KHAN), and Jagdish (ABHISHEK BACHCHAN) also live in the same house. Om looks after the family, and also looks after the business and the estate. Jai's interest is fast cars, and to the much disappointment ...More about Om Jai Jagadish ...