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Aparna Sen sad over Mehta's death

Aparna Sen sad over Mehta's death

Aug 18 2012 6:02PMThe whole film industry is mourning the loss of renowned veteran cinematographer Ashok Mehta, more so, filmmaker Aparna Sen, who had worked with him in "36 Chowringhee Lane", "Paroma" and "Sati". ...Read more

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Cast: Aparna Sen, Dipankar Dey, Anil Chatterjee and others

Director: Aparna Sen

Genre - Drama

Release Date -

Aparna Sen's "Paroma" explores female identity in the context of of the Indian family and the plight of women as subjects in a culture that tends to marginalise and imprison them. In "Paroma" Sen examines how the idenrity of women can be rearticulated in terms of the historical experience of gender. The film centers round Paroma as she approaches middle age ' she married early and ...More about Paroma ...