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Neha Dhupia talks about women oriented films

Neha Dhupia talks about women oriented films

Jun 12 2012 12:09PMActress Neha Dhupia is glad that the portrayal of women on the big screen is changing from the homely, simple and innocent character to a bolder and stronger one. She is however not sure how long this transition will last. ...Read more

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Cast: Sunil Shetty, Ajay Devgn, Raveena Tandon and others

Director: Harry Baweja

Genre - Action

Release Date - Jul 11, 2003

Ali Ramani (Arbaaz Khan) and Abbas Ramani (Sanjay Kapoor) are two arm dealers. They work for Pakistan ISI along with their girl friend Laila (Isha Koppikar). They held 230 tourists as hostage on Elphinstone jail Resort. They have planned a dangerous mission of poisoning all drinking water resources of Mumbai with help of a scientists Gopal (Chunkey Pandey). Gopal had prepared a virus ...More about Qayamat ...