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Rajdhani in Yash Raj Studios

Rajdhani in Yash Raj Studios

Oct 17 2014 4:28PMYRF studios put together Rajdhani express for their upcoming project 'Fan' to be directed by Maneesh Sharma, starring Shahrukh Khan. The train was being constructed for a special sequence between the actor and the villian. ...Read more

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Rajdhani Express on

Cast: Leander Paes, Jimmy Shergill, Priyanshu Chatterjee and others

Director: Ashok Kohli

Genre - Drama

Release Date - Jan 04, 2013

Keshav wants to lead a dignified life and get famous. He breaks away from the shackles of a gun-runner. He escapes by stealing a bag of arms and a ticket from Delhi to Mumbai,on Rajdhani Express but little does he know that the problems don't end here for him.More about Rajdhani Express ...