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Actor Farooque Sheikh dead

Actor Farooque Sheikh dead

Dec 28 2013 4:58PMVeteran Bollywood actor Farooque Sheikh died of a sudden cardiac arrest in Dubai late Friday, his long-time co-star and friend Deepti Naval said. "I don't have the details yet, and I have not been able to speak to any of his family members, but a friend confirmed it to me. ...Read more

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Happy time for Farooq Sheikh

Happy time for Farooq Sheikh

Dec 6 2013 4:31PMVeteran actor Farooq Sheikh praises changes in the film industry and the theatre world. He says this is a happy time to be in the movie business and adds that one can lead a respectable life by being a full time theatre artist. ...Read more

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Cast: Farooq Shaikh, A. K. Hangal, Deepti Naval and others

Director: Raman Kumar

Genre - Drama

Release Date -

Geetanjali Gupta aka Geeta belongs to a very rich family. Geeta's father Mr. Umesh Chandra Gupta is a mill owner. Geeta gets admission in a government college, where she meets this college group through one of her old friends, Satish Shah. Satish and his group include Geeta in their group. And very soon she gets along with them well. Geeta develops an immediate liking for one of her ...More about Saath Saath ...