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'Safe', a safe bet

'Safe', a safe bet

May 7 2012 5:06PMFilm: "Safe"; Cast: Jason Statham, Catherine Chan, Chris Sarandon; Director: Boaz Yakin; Rating: **1/2 When it comes to directors, there is something called the auteur theory with the helmsman being looked upon as the author of the film. ...Read more

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What keeps Jason Statham fit at 44?

What keeps Jason Statham fit at 44?

Apr 26 2012 2:42PMActor Jason Statham looks fit as a fiddle at 44 and says he puts in a lot of effort to maintain the edge in his looks. The action star not only stays away from alcohol and bad food, but also follows a workout regimen. ...Read more

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Statham's 'Safe' to release in India May 4

Statham's 'Safe' to release in India May 4

Apr 13 2012 7:22PMHollywood actor Jason Statham-starrer action film "Safe" will hit the screens in India May 4. Statham plays Luke Wright, a former New York Police Department cop-cum-second-rate cage fighter whose wife has been murdered and his life destroyed by the Russian mob. ...Read more

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Safe on

Cast: Jason Statham, Anson Mount, Chris Sarandon and others

Director: Boaz Yakin

Genre - Action, Thriller, Crime

Release Date - May 04, 2012

Mei, a young girl whose memory holds a priceless numerical code, finds herself pursued by the Triads, the Russian mob, and corrupt NYC cops. Coming to her aid is an ex-cage fighter whose life was destroyed by the gangsters on Mei's trail.More about Safe ...