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Dancer-actress Nilaanjana to star in 'Amrapali' musical

Dancer-actress Nilaanjana to star in 'Amrapali' musical

Aug 19 2016 7:01PMActress - Kathak danseuse Nilaanjana, who has acted opposite Bengali superstar Prosenjit in "Sonar Sansar" will display her dancing skill in the "Aamrapali" musical. "I play a classical dancer Sulekha, a rival-competitor of Amrapali. ...Read more

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Cast: Chiranjit, Prosenjit, Tarun Kumar and others

Director: Rathish Dey Sarkar

Genre - Drama, Family, Romance

Release Date -

This story is based on the daily life of a middle class family. Abhijit Roy is retired with two sons Kumaresh and Surajit, a daughter Kalpana. Kumaresh and Kalpana are adopted children. Abhijit gives Kumaresh's hand in marriage to Mamta, his friend's daughter.On the day of the wedding Surajit falls in love with Santwana,Kalpana's friend. Meanwhile Kalpana meets Dipankar Mukherjee a ...More about Sonar Sansar ...