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5 scenes from the 'Terminator' Series that overwhelm

5 scenes from the 'Terminator' Series that overwhelm

Jun 25 2015 4:28PM

The Terminator film series has been a part of Hollywood since two decades. These iconic films have not only given rise to comic series but also to a novel, TV series and video games. ...Read more

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Arnold slams fourth 'Terminator' film

Arnold slams fourth 'Terminator' film

Apr 6 2015 4:12PMTerminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who didn't feature in the fourth instalment of the franchise, says he has no regrets about it as the actor says at least the previous three instalments in which he starred had “interesting storylines. ...Read more

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Hollywood actors on wine barrels

Hollywood actors on wine barrels

Jan 2 2014 3:12PMImages of legendary Hollywood actors like Charlie Chaplin, Clint Eastwood and Bruce Lee and scenes from movies like "Terminator 2", "Taxi Driver" and "Pulp Fiction" are now being hand-painted in Spain on barrels of vintage wine as part of the Laovejabala project being promoted by Spanish graphic designers Raul San Cristobal and Enrique Martin. ...Read more

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Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong and others

Director: James Cameron

Genre - Action, Thriller, Science Fiction

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