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The Unsound to release soon

The Unsound to release soon

Feb 4 2013 5:44PMThis Friday, a psychological thriller, The Unsound will be released. The movie is jointly produced by Pinkey Shrivastava, Prakash V.Jhaveri and is written and directed by Alok Shrivastava... ...Read more

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Cast: Shadab Khan, Anurita Jha, Sapna Thakur and others

Director: Alok Shrivastava

Genre - Thriller

Release Date - Jan 18, 2013

Dev Oberoi suffers from multiple organic psychotic disorder which makes him unpredictable. Because of this, he is deserted by his family. A young beautiful girl named Simran is unaware of his disorder and is attracted towards him without even knowing what lies ahead.More about The Unsound ...