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'Baton Baton Mein' to be remade

'Baton Baton Mein' to be remade

Aug 2 2013 6:00AMAccording to the grapevine, Basu Chatterjee's 1979 film Baton Baton Mein is set to be remade by the producer of Nasha. We spoke to Aditya Bhatia, who produced the erotic Poonam Pandey starrer, and he is quite gung ho about the project. ...Read more

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Profession: Actor

Movies: Jigharwala (1991), Saat Bijliyan (1988), Kamagni (1987)

Born on 11th Feb. 1957 into a Gujarati family of Bhuleshwar Mumbai, Tina Munim has lived a life that dreams are made of. She had a successful Bollywood career during the late seventies and early eighties and is now the wife of Ambani scion – Anil Ambani. On the basis of a fashion spread she had done for Femina, Tina Munim was selected to represent India at the International ...More about Tina Munim ...