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Zee Gaurav 2013 winners announced

Zee Gaurav 2013 winners announced

Mar 25 2013 7:00PMThe Zee Gaurav awards were presented recently amidst much fanfare. Legendary music director Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar was honoured with lifetime achievement awards by Pandit Jasrajji. ...Read more

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Profession: Playback Singer, Producer, Music Director

Movies: West is West (2011), Mumbaicha Dabewala (2008), Bal Ganesh (2007)

Usha Mangeshkar was born in 1953 into a family of musicians and music lovers. Her father Pandit Dinanath Mangeshkar was a classical singer who passed away when she was extremely young. Youngest of the sisters – Lata & Asha, she too was trained in classical singing. However, she had a voice quality not suitable for all. Hence, her growth as a playback singer in Hindi films ...More about Usha Mangeshkar ...