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For Asha-Saira, working with Joy Mukherjee was 'joy'

For Asha-Saira, working with Joy Mukherjee was 'joy'

Mar 12 2012 4:11PMone of Joy Mukherjee's leading ladies, Asha Parekh, remembers him as a fun loving person and says shooting with him was like a picnic. Saira Banu described him as a "buddy" who didn't ...Read more

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Cast: Joy Mukherjee, Asha Parekh, Dhumal and others

Director: Pramod Chakraborty

Genre - Social

Release Date -

On the lookout for employment, Ashok (Joy Mukherji) sees the photographs of beautiful Asha (Asha Parekh), and decides to accept employment as the estate's Manager. His expectations are shortlived as Asha turns out to be a rich, spoiled, conceited bratty young lady. To complicate matters further, Seema (Nazima), Asha's sister is attracted to Ashok. Ashok and Asha do like and eventually ...More about Ziddi ...