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Life Partner  (2009 - Hindi)

Life Partner cumulative rating: 2.7 out of 52.7/5 (78 users)

Life Partner critics rating: 1.8 out of 5 1.8/5 (7 critics)

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Given the current crop on desi television lately, was I you, I may actually await this movie on TV. For one, you can turn the volume down at home, a privilege audiences unfortunately can’t enjoy at theatres. Even if everyone’s screaming their lungs out as here. The comic bit belongs to Tusshar Kapoor alone. I suppose he’s not credited for it enough, but it’s astounding how this actor has made quite a leading man’s career for himself, delightfully playing a loser in most of his filmsmore

There was a time Govinda used to be the funniest guy on screen. You could count on him to take an ordinary scene and turn it into something hilarious on the strength of his remarkable comic timing. Those days, of course, are long gone. The Govinda you see on screen today struggles to make you laugh. In Life Partner, directed by Rumi Jaffery, Govinda stars as a cynical divorce lawyer who's convinced his best friends - played by Fardeen Khan and Tusshar Kapoormore

A few questions cross your mind when you're about to watch LIFE PARTNER...Haven't I watched something like this in the past? Isn't it getting repetitive? Haven't I had enough of mindless potboilers? What's Rumy Jaffery going to serve now? A rehash of what he's made in the past? There's so much negativity surrounding LIFE PARTNER, even though you don't have a clue about its content/material. Even though you have no inkling what it has to offer.more

It's loud. It's over the top. It has Genelia forcing you to reach out for earplugs, ever so often. And yet it's easy timepass. Credit it to the comic timing of Govinda who manages to make slapstick seem funny, despite his guest appearance kind of role. Or credit it to a mere peppering of some really funny sequences, specially a cameo from Jagdeep who steals the show with mere grunts and half-sentences. more

This is the story of three friends with differing views on marriage. Karan (Fardeen Khan) is clear that he will marry girlfriend Sanjana (Genelia D'Souza); Bhavesh (Tusshar Kapoor) is a traditional Gujarati destined for a marriage arranged by his domineering, unbending father; Jeet (Govinda) is a divorce lawyer who sees profit in the failure of marriage and is quick to lend a shoulder to the grieving ex-wife. Set in Cape Town, South Africamore

It's important to know why you want to marry more than who you want to marry. A certain ideology - largely a combination of dreams and expectations, influences an independently-thinking individual's reasons to tie the knot. And when they are shared with the wrong person for the wrong reasons, it spells the A to Z of disaster. But, hey, Rumi Jaffrey is no Basu Bhattacharya approaching relationships like science. To him, marriage is more like a badly-baked donutmore

Life Partner is the story of three has-been male actors, trying to together add up to one good actor, and collectively failing in grand Bollywood style. The three actors are Govinda, who was once a bonafide star, Fardeen Khan, who missed his chance at being a star, and Tusshar Kapoor, who hasn’t and won’t be a star. But that’s just the off screen story, which of course you know about. Well, who said life is a bed of roses anyway.more