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Love Aaj Kal  (2009 - Hindi)

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The girl here has broken up with her boyfriend. Knowing she can tell him simple truths about himself, now that they aren’t together anymore, she suggests, he’s cooler when he doesn’t try. The boy makes a valid query: “Then how do you try, not to try.” It’s the key to the dating game. Pardon the usage, if you may, the fundamental premise behind scoring a girl in the urban jungle is to seem least interested. This is where Indian boys suck big time.more

There's a funny scene in Love Aaj Kal in which its protagonists Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone having just broken up amicably, take the liberty to reveal to each other what they've always liked and disliked about the other, now that there's no romantic pressure on them anymore. "You really shouldn't drink on dates," Saif tells her. "You have no idea the advantage I've taken of you when you've been drunk." more

Come to think of it, if the film carries the 'burden' of humungous expectations, it's imperative that it goes beyond those expectations. The reaction after watching the film has to be similar to a child who has laid his hands on his fav toy. The joyous smile would say it all. The question is, does LOVE AAJ KAL live up to the hype and hoopla surrounding it? Or does it go beyond that?more

The destination is the same. The journeys are different. And the journeys are difficult. Journeys across continents. Journeys through millions of miles. Journeys from the brain to the heart. Love Aaj Kal is Imtiaz Ali’s examination of whether today’s ‘mango people’ — that’s what he calls the ‘aam junta’ — can actually make that journey. We the modern minds, can we fall in love? We the practical guys, do we still feel the tug at our hearts?more

When you make a riotous romance like Jab We Met, you really can't blame the audience for expecting the moon and the sky with your next film. Chalo, let's get drunk with one more heady potion of Pyar, Imtiaz ishtyle, you tell yourself before sauntering in for his latest, Love Aaj Kal. And no, you aren't disappointed at all. Because, this time, the effervescence and adrenalin rush of impetuous love, resonant in the romance of Geet and Aditya in Jab We Metmore

The challenge for any filmmaker who has hit the jackpot once is to follow it up with another winner. After the hugely successful Jab We Met, whether Love Aaj Kal hits the box office bull's-eye or not, what is reinforced is Imtiaz Ali's talent as a writer and director. With refreshing dialogues and screenplay, directed with skill and infused with sincere performancesmore

Boy hits on girl at a bar, they make out by the end of that night, they hang out with each other at coffee shops, they make out some more, they start 'going out'. They are in a 'relationship' for two years. Everything seems perfect. But boy wants to build bridges in San Fransisco, girl wants to restore buildings in India. They don't want a long-distance relationship. They break up. more

I'm down with a cold these days. You know, it's the time of year when the weather is fickle like a girl, unable to choose between wetness and glaring sun, the dreaded loo and a cool breeze. The weather is changing, the saying goes, and one must be careful. In much the similar way, in every rising director's career, there comes a season when the budgets change. When you go from making smallish and mid-sized films to making full blown mega-crore filmsmore

Saif Ali Khan walks up to the beautiful Deepika Padukone and starts nervously, “Mai pile on nahin karne chahta …”. A clear-eyed Deepika answers “Phir kyon pile on kar rahe ho?”, and then smiles. Love Aaj Kal begins with this refreshing dialogue and then races through a breezy one-year romance between architect Jai Vardhan Singh [Saif] and art student Mira Pandit [Deepika]. The setting is London, and the courting style cool and contemporary.more

Welcome to a new world of romance; a novel way of story-telling; a screenplay that's both original and innovative and a film that's by far, the best of the year so far. After Jab We Met, the expectations from Imtiaz Ali were monumental. But with Love Aaj Kal, he scores again and this time, creatively speaking, he grows by leaps and bounds.more