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    Love Aaj Kal review by Hindustan Times
    Love Aaj Kal critic rating (Hindustan Times): 3
    Love Aaj Kal review by
    Love Aaj Kal critic rating ( 2
    Love Aaj Kal review by
    Love Aaj Kal critic rating ( 4
    Love Aaj Kal review by The Telegraph
    Love Aaj Kal critic rating (The Telegraph): 3
    Love Aaj Kal review by Times of India
    Love Aaj Kal critic rating (Times of India): 4
    Music review of

    Love Aaj Kal  (2009 - Hindi)

    Love Aaj Kal cumulative rating: 3.5 out of 53.5/5 (119 users)

    Love Aaj Kal cumulative music rating: 7 out of 10

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    • Love Aaj Kal music rating: 10 out of 10(Vinayak wrote on Aug 13 2009 5:01PM)

      Expectations are bound to go sky high when one hears of the Imtiaz-Pritam-Irshad combination. And rightfully so, as its the same combination that resulted in the super successful Jab We Met. So whether the album lived up to the expectations and whether its a good enough follow up to Jab We Met or not..lets find out.

      You are greeted to the album with the 'Naagin' tune that has been perfectly re-arranged by Pritam, who excels in such art, to make it a new sound. Thereafter, Neeraj Shridhar kicks off with 'Twist' which is a heavy foot tapping dance number and that it is already ruling the charts all over. Twist does not have a single dull moment and keeps the momentum pumping throughout its duration. The 'Naagin' tune actually becomes the signature and as mentioned, is perfectly arranged by Pritam throughout the song.

      My fav lines:
      "Chalo chalo ji lak lachkaalo,
      Chalo Chalo ji maun manalo,
      Chalo chalo ji nach lo gaalo.."

      Just when you are done with Twist, comes up 'Chor Bazaari' which again has Neeraj Shridhar behing the mic but this time along with Sunidhi Chauhan. The song begins with some orchastratical arrangements and sound of bagpipes, giving a feel of a march or marriage celebration music and is constantly supported by bouncy beats. The song is actually set in a situation where the lovers are celebrating their split, their break up, their parting ways. While Neeraj Shridhar does his part quite nicely, its Sunidhi Chahun who outshines him and adds brilliance to the song. Lyrics very much suit the situation and the song. Another brilliant composition.

      My fav lines:
      "Tu bhi tu hai
      Main bhi main hoon
      Duniya saari dekh ulat gayi
      Tu na jaane mein na jaanu
      Kaise saari baat palat gai"

      While the beginning has get you going, you are just hooked onto 'Aahun Aahun' which comes next, right from the very first second, where you have some brilliant guitar strumming. This one features Neeraj Shridhar for the third time in the album that too in a row, but here the one complimenting him is Suzanne and Master Saleem who kicks off the song with " Tu Aaja Dil Jaaniya". Its only when Neeraj Shridhar takes over the proceeding lines, the rhythm of the song changes and sets in for an excellent Hinglishabi dance song. Throughout Saleem takes control of the punjabi flavour. Lyrics describe Love in quite a hilarious manner here and that definitely asks for a pat on Irshad's back.

      My fav lines:
      "Ankh lad jana
      Mar muhk jana
      Koiye kahani bad badle zamana"

      "Hairaaniyan Halaton ki
      Raaaton ki Teri mulakaton ki Baaton ki"

      When Pritam-Mohit Chouhan, came in for Imtiaz's Jab We Met's Tum Se Hi, it turned out magical and as a favourite among people. The combination is back here with 'Yeh Dooriyan' and woo, this one is another gem in the offering. The song hits off with a whistling sound that is churned by a flute. And the moment Mohit Chouhan begins, right away you are into the song! Basically a song that describes about the distant situation of two lovers and their longings, the lyrics of the song are quite simple and that is what does the magic. A smooth, soulful song that it is, Mohit Chouhan was the perfect choice for this one! This one can be easily termed as The Best track from the album.

      My fav lines:
      "In raahon ki dooriyan..nigaahon ki dooriyan..fanaa ho sabhi dooriyan"
      "Kabhi Hua yeh bhi, khaali raahon pe bhi tu tha mere saath"
      "Tera Mujhe Kar jaati hai dooriyan"

      There comes another soulful number in the offering with 'Aaj Din Chadheya' which has Raahat Fateh Ali Khan rendering his vocals for it. Raahat Fateh gets the feel of the song right and goes on to croon the number down to the heart that is about the protagonist's wish to God for his love. Penned with Punjabi yet simple and magical lyrics, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan does full justice to it. Excellent!.

      My fav lines:

      "Maanga jo mera hai,
      jaata kya tera hai,
      Maine kaun si tujhse jannat maang li"

      With two back to back soothing n soulful numbers, the chain is broken by a typical punjabi flavour song 'Thoda Thoda Pyaar'. The song goes totally indian giving a feel of a punjabi folk with the words 'Lalalalalalalala ho gayi re, baija baija baija baija ho gayi re', initiating the song,which goes on for a bit more than a complete 60 seconds. It is then, when Sunidhi Chauhan comes into the picture and takes on the song further. The arrangements are just exact and perfect while Sunidhi Chauhan does her job very well as she suits the attitude perfectly, making the song very enjoyable. Lyrics are nicely done with.

      My fav lines:
      "munda hai woh ya
      jhoka hawa ka kya pata"

      Peecha Bhi Na chode mera,
      Chuppi bhi naa tode

      Suddenly you have some racy crooning pumping up the volume and soon going full on pacy! That is what marks the beginning of the last song in the album 'Main Kya Hoon' which has another of Pritam's favourite, KK crooning all the way to glory! The song is all set in a mood where the protagonist is too happy to keep his foot on the ground. He is all Celebrations and that too, celebrating himself! The lyrics of the song are well tuned with the composition and definitely with KK around, you usually wont expect him to go wrong that too under Pritam. Main Kya Hoon comes close to be the best, being inches away from Yeh Dooriyan, but none the less definitely makes a mark with the audience .

      My fav lines:
      'Main Kya Hoon Yeh Kya main batlau,
      Main Woh Hoon, Jo Chahun, Woh Paaun..'

      Remixes follows, namely of Twist, Chor Bazaari & Aahun Aahun respectively. Twist (Remix) is further pumped with added beats. not having too much of difference with the original. Chor Bazaari (Remix) too is made more bouncy with the beats and has an additional rap featuring. There should be no surprises, if people prefer its Remix to the original as the remix is really well done with and the best remix of the album. Lastly, its Aahun Aahun (Remix), which does not come up any near to the previous two remixes. It is quite passable.

      Final Words: The 'Love Aaj Kal' album is a must buy for everyone, and its for sure that your precious money won't be wasted. Go for it!!

      Music Ratings: 5/5

      Review by:

      Vinayak Chandra

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