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Love Story 2050  (2008 - Hindi)

Love Story 2050 cumulative rating: 1.5 out of 51.5/5 (15 users)

Love Story 2050 critics rating: 1.6 out of 5 1.6/5 (6 critics)

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Aspirins, tonics, syrups, head massage and bed rest might be advisable after viewing Harry Baweja’s Love Story 2050. If Mumbai in that year is likely to look, feel and sound the way it does here, you hope to be far away in the heavenly clouds. Or another planet.more

LOVE STORY 2050 has elicited tremendous response for varied reasons…One, its one-of-its-kind sci-fi fare, with a big chunk of footage devoted to VFX. Two, the pre-release hype, the frenzy in the media, the various tie-ups/endorsements has kept LOVE STORY 2050 constantly in newsmore

In Love Story 2050, Harman Baweja uses a time machine to travel from 2008 to 2050. But thanks to his father, writer-director Harry Baweja, you will not need the machine to travel through time. By the end of the three-hour ordeal you will feel 42 years older.more

PRIYANKA Chopra makes a promise to boyfriend Harman Baweja in India's first full blown sci-fi film. She promises to give him a thandi-thandi kiss after feasting on some strawberry ice cream. Well, the kiss never happens -- the ice cream's bumped out of her handsmore

Harry Baweja's film is a painfully long drawn out, severely indulgent advertisement which fails to convince you to buy the product. In present day Adelaide, Harman Baweja's 'talents' are being advertised: watch him in action;more

I don't need luck, I have love," Harman Baweja says confidently in his debut film, Love Story 2050. Let's dispel the myth right here. Harman, you need neither love nor luck -- you need a blooming miracle! And Love Story 2050 ain't it!more