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Luck  (2009 - Hindi)

Luck cumulative rating: 2.7 out of 52.7/5 (27 users)

Luck critics rating: 1.7 out of 5 1.7/5 (9 critics)

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The film is in black and white. The interiors are dingy. The world is brewed for pure, mind-suck. A young man with little to lose follows instructions meant for someone else. He doesn’t know where the suggested journey will take him. He also doesn’t know a cop’s been trailing him, as he buries himself deeper into chaos. The beginning is sedate. By the end, everything turns into a chilling thriller. The film is called 13 Tzameti.more

Now here's the thing about action films. Most of them aren't particularly smart, but you're willing to overlook that if they make for a dramatic and thrilling experience. The problem with Luck, which opens at cinemas this weekend, is that it's neither smart nor spectacular. Sanjay Dutt stars as Musa, a gambling kingpin who's made a fortune in human betting. His faithful henchman Tamang (played by Danny Denzongpa) is entrusted the job of travelling the worldmore

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for hardcore stunts and thrills, Hollywood ishtyle. Come to think of it, Bollywood hasn't churned out stylised action movies as regularly as it churns out comedies and rom-coms. There's a vacuum for sure. But LUCK fills that lacuna. Be rest assured, you haven't watched such thrills since DHOOM 2.more

Luck is so heavy on style, it seems to completely forget about the script. So much so, the film is like one extended reality show, where not even one participant is able to strike an emotional connect with the viewer. And let us tell you there are many in this ensemble cast who could have remained with you after curtain call. Ironically, they all remain peripheral characters, failing to convince you of their desperationmore

Danny Denzongpa is Tamang, who is on the lookout for people with 'luck'. These lucky people will participate in a Fear Factor-like contest, where they will need all their luck to survive; the unlucky will die. So Tamang delivers reams and reams of dialogue on luck, people with luck, how luck can change, how luck can save you, how luck can do this, luck can do that, and so on. If my repeated use of the word is already getting your goatmore

When you watch certain movies you know the writers and director did not know where to stop, simply lacked conviction and loved the title of their film. You can write 'luck' down on each sheet of this script 10 times and then place cliches and metaphors about luck on either side of the word. Then assign each of these lines to a team of seven characters and let it rip! This is not a good thing. Luck is severely letdown by its dialogues, from being overwritten and under-edited.more

Early on in Soham Shah's latest film, we see a sign on the walls of a peculiar little gambling den saying that the only thing certain about luck is that it will change. This is a sign that gives us hope, for it tantalisingly promises that no matter how bad this film named Luck seems, perhaps it will miraculously transform into something watchable, nay, something entertaining. This is, of course, a fallacy -- and we continue watching this tackily made boremore

This film needs all the good Luck it can get. Luck is a spectacular waste of an interesting premise, a good ensemble cast and a huge budget owing to laborious story telling, poor production design, pompous dialogue and average stunts for an action film. Yup, that’s the way it is. The interesting premise is that of human betting, involving desperados who stake their own life for money. Unfortunately, this premise is treated in a very boring, shabby manner.more

Imagine this scene: "Mere paas waqt kam hai," says the man with a perpetual frown. To which, Mr Shiny Teeth replies, "Mere paas luck kam hai." But this is just the tip of the iceberg director Soham Shah gets even cheesier than this in his Friday offering. The film begins with dangerous dude Moosa (Sanjay Dutt) running blindfolded and dodging trains thereby establishing his 'luck' factor.more