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Luck critic rating (Hindustan Times): 1.5
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Luck critic rating (Times of India): 2.5
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Luck critic rating (DNA India): 1.5

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Luck  (2009 - Hindi)

Luck movie review, and Luck critics rating, comments on Luck

Luck cumulative rating: 2.7 out of 52.7/5 (27 users)

Luck critics rating: 1.7 out of 5 1.7/5 (9 critics)

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  • Luck rating: 5 out of 10(Divya Solgama wrote on 24 Jul 2009)

    “Aazma” something ….

    Thrillers are always a good bet to watch on the big screen, especially when it has interesting star cast as the movie “Luck”. But the problem with thrillers is that it has to be total out and out pacy and interesting. The moment it goes bit low on the pace, the movie looses out everything. We had experienced some good thrillers recently like Race, Johnny Gaddar to name a few. Let’s find out that does “Luck” has the luck to be in the top league of those good thrillers.

    “Luck” is story of Moussa {Sanjay Dutt} a gambler who has been excelling his gambling and betting to the top most level just on the support and his faith on his luck. He loves to get hold of people whose luck is in top form and designs a game for them where they can win around 20crores. Tamaang {Danny} helps him to get hold of such people. Tamaang comes to know about Ram {Imraan} who he feels has tremendous luck and tries to get him in the game. Ram has his own misery and thus joins in the game which is being shared by many other people including Ayesha {Shruti}, Major {Mithun}, Raghav {Ravi Kishen} and Shortcut {Chirashi}. All of them have their own specialization in terms of luck and being lucky. The games starts and as it moves ahead the levels start going more and more complicated. Who will win and who will lose in this interesting tale of luck is the entire movie about.

    Story is simple but yet full of twist and turns. The way the characters are revealed in the first half is quite interesting. Screenplay keeps the thriller element alive in the first half, where we witness the new type of game show. But as the movie progress in the second half the screenplay and the thrilling elements start falling down and lead us to a horrible and predictable climax. All those twist and turns disappears in the end and movie turns out to be simple and typical melodrama. The importance which was given to all the characters is suddenly gone in the second half and except the lead pairs all others starts appearing as supporting actors only. Their roles goes total hay way. Editing is good and has done what best could had been done for this film. Locations of South Africa are brilliant and so is the camera work. Special effects are bit disappointment as required in such movies.

    Music by Salim Suleman is good. Aazma Luck Aazma is catchy and goes well with the mood of the film. But full marks to “Khudaya Ve” which is simple outstanding. Sadly the picturization which is good in first part of the song where the makers tries to develop the love story, but later part is used in a total bad situation where the song is out and out misfit. Back ground score by Amar Mohile is better than what they generally do in other films.

    Director Soham Shah’s last film Kaal started out well and then goes to the trash bin. Good news is that this movie is better than his first film and bad news is that the trend of good start and bad end still goes on, proving that Soham Shah is Soham Shah and no one else. The director has tried to give the film a good international touch which he partly succeeds but maybe due to overconfidence or lack of creativity brings him down to predicted and typical climax which pulls down the film drastically. He needs to take few lessons from masters of thrillers like Vijay Anand, Abbas Mastan and Sriram Raghvan whose films keep growing as per the movies timing and not the opposite like in Sohams case.

    On Performance basis there is no one who can play the role of Moussa bhai except Sanjay Dutt. But again we have seen him in such roles in million times. Still thanks to his screen presence we can watch him, but wonder till when. Wonder why Imran Khan is doing such type of films, he should do more of Romantic Comedy which goes well with his image and style. Poor guy was total misfit in many scenes. Shruti Hassan looks great and reminds us of young Sarika, her body language and screen presence is good. But her role is short and also his dialogue delivery is very bad. Mithun has done a decent job, showing that he is a veteran and delivers his part with full conviction. Watch out for the scene where he and his duplicate {Ravi kishen-as he was known in his earlier days for being mithun clone} exchanges few dialogs in their first meet. Ravi Kishen, Chirashi and Danny starts off great but their roles get good amount of chopping and are reduced to just an ordinary support.

    So bol meri “Filmi Khopdi” is film mein kitna hain dum ?

    Dum hain first half mein total dum hain lekin as the second half starts the dum starts fading out. If only the makers would had given their full efforts in the second half which should had exceed in terms of thrilling moments the movie could had been a great watch. So the lull phase of bad films still continues at the box office, wonder when the box office luck will change. It’s time for them to “Aazma” something good.

    Rating : 2.5+/5

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