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Luv Ka The End  (2011 - Hindi)

story of Luv Ka The End, Luv Ka The End plot

Luv Ka The End cumulative rating: 2.8 out of 52.8/5 (30 users)

Luv Ka The End critics rating: 2.45 out of 5 2.45/5 (9 critics)

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Luv Ka The End story, synopsis, plot

Plot Summary: Rhea and Luv are the two love birds and on her 18th birthday, they plan to take their relationship to the 'next level'. When accidentally she finds out that Luv is not really as nice as she thought he was, Rhea then decides to not get mad, but to get even!

    Mitesh Shah

    By Mitesh Shah(30 Apr 2011)

    Shraddha Kapoor: Rhea Dialdas
    I swear on my psycho dadi,
    I'm going to have his balls!"

    Rhea is a very passionate young girl who frequently lets her emotions rule her actions. She's lovable, cute, lively, vivacious and always dressed in quirky, funky clothes that she puts together herself. Rhea is the consummate "girl-next-door." However, that does not mean she is shy and wilting, she is actually quite determined. Rhea is a die hard romantic, in love with Luv Nanda, the richest, most popular boy in college. She turns 18 in a day and has big plans to take their relationship to the "next level". Her dream is to watch her favourite rockstar, Freddie Kapoor, sing his heart out.

    Taaha Shah: Luv Nanda
    "Log marte hain Luv Nanda ke circle mein ghusne ke liye!"

    Luv Nanda is man candy. He is the coolest, hottest, richest and most popular guy in school. In short, he's every girl's fantasy boyfriend and every boy's fantasy wingman. He is from the notorious Nanda family of smugglers-turned-politicians, but nobody at school seems to hold this against him. In fact, many fear him and his family's power. Luv has easily been making his way through almost every hot chick in school, even the teachers have a crush on Luv. Rumour has it he did it with Miss Naaz in the library. But a month ago, he chose simpleton Rhea as his girlfriend. Luv has now made it a personal mission to take Rhea's virginity.

    Freddie Kapoor
    Need a ride?

    The biggest rockstar ever - His sound is Bryan Adams meets Green Day meets Black Eyed Peas. Freddie Kapoor is every boy's dream benchmark and every girl's fantasy. A singer-songwriter, musician, composer, model - Freddie plays many instruments - the guitar and keyboards being his weapons of choice. A rockstar performer... he's as much of a delight in a 100,000 people concert venue as he is in a small exclusive intimate setting. Freddie is Rhea's favourite artiste and she has his posters plastered all over her room - and her ultimate dream is to watch Freddie live!

    Miss Naaz
    Come on kids, 5 minutes to go!

    The hottest and the sexiest teacher. Her low cut and backless blouses have all the boys drooling and Gollu forever making obscene gestures behind her back. Rumour has it that she once made out with a boy from college. No one knows who...

    Eww tum computer ko kyun chaat rahi ho?"

    Minty is Rhea's spoilt, obnoxious little sister. Only little in size, she is a real monster who keeps a close watch on Rhea all the time. Finds dirt on her and black mails her continuously in return for her cut of pocket money, branded clothes that do not her, and of course has her eye on the priceless Freddie Kapoor poster.

    Woh kauwaa nahi, tumhare sasurji hain!

    Rhea's dadi looks like she's 200 years old and cuckoo as hell. Granny has long, heated daily discussions with a crow on her balcony, who, she believes, is her deceased husband coming back to harass her. She has a foul mouth, rants all days about her younger days when she partied hard and knocks about things in her way. Rhea and her friends nd her amusing and call her Dadi of the Caribbean. She's on a million ridiculous pills to keep her dementia at bay. Rhea's parents are worried one day she's going to run away from home and hence never allow her to be alone.

    Jugnoo (Jugs) Shastri
    Luv Nanda ko Luv Nanga nahi kiya, toh mere naam Jugs Nahi!

    Rhea's best friend Jugnoo is bold, unpredictable, hilarious, and ton ness of fun. She's got a razor-sharp wit and can easily tear a person apart with her well-timed comic gems. She's a bit overweight but not obese. She doesn't approve of Luv and Rhea's intention of taking her relationship forward with him. She's truly believes he is not a guy any girl should trust, least of all Rhea. Jugs loves to eat and is constantly at war with Sonia about her diet facts and her wanting to be as thin and cool as Natasha and her clones - the vamps - who she HATES!

    Sonia Lovani
    It's BFF, Not BIFF!

    Completing the trio of BFF's, Sonia is the borderline anorexic airhead of the group. She is allergic to oily food and makes fun of Jugs all the time for being fat. She loves Natasha's sense of style and tries to ape her. Having been raised by a single mom, Sonia carries around her complexes of wanting to be thin and perfect all the time... But the perks of a complexed fashion designer for a mother also include getting to drive her car, wearing her fancy clothes and if need be calling her in the middle of night expecting to be bailed out of sticky situations!

    If I don't see upper thigh then bye bye!

    Gollu is the fat, obnoxious and horny boy of the college. There is only one thing permanently in his mind. Sex. His only purpose in life is to throw the best parties hoping that one such party will get him laid. The only reason he gets to hang out with the coolest group of the college is because his dad is THE record producer of the country, making him the most loaded kid in the college. He is a kid with no morals, loves to show off. His god is Luv Nanda and he does everything to ape him. But he's the guy, who will not think twice before switching loyalties if his friends fall.

    I can move my chest muscles!

    Timmy is all brawn, no brain. If he spent as much time on his studies as he does at the gym, he wouldn't have to repeat the 12th standard exam three years in a row. Timmy is a genuinely sweet guy and a loyal friend to Gollu and Luv, always at their beck and call. Luv and Gollu like to keep Timmy around because they feel one need a beefier, "adult" guy in the group to inspire respect and spread fear. Timmy's favorite quote about continually flunking the 12th standard: "I keep getting older, but the girls stay the same age". But if he had to impress girls it would be by showing them how many pounds he can bench press. He's truly homophobic and if he had his way would punch every gay along his way.

    Karthikeyan Ramachandran
    I always have my computer with me!

    Karthikeyan is the school nerd! He can crack any code, hack any computer, and jump any firewall. Is the joke of his college and Luv Nanda's group in particular? Gollu and Timmy feed off Karthikeyan as daily entertainment. He hates all of them and has developed breathing disorders thanks to them. If given a chance, will join the Luv, Gollu and Timmy bashing party happily. He secretly has a crush on Jugs, but is so scared of her that whenever she comes in front of him, he just stares and stammers and ends up looking like a freak. His only friend is his brother Daman. Karthikeyan also happens to be Rhea's neighbor.


    Daman is an even greater freak than his younger brother Karthikeyan. Karthikeyan looks up to Daman. He is the guy who knows everyone's dark secrets including Luv Nanda's. He i

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    By pulkit poddar(07 May 2011)

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    Nilesh P. Khandare

    By Nilesh P. Khandare(02 Apr 2011)

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    pulkit poddar

    By pulkit poddar(07 May 2011)

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