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Mahayoddha Rama  (2013 - Hindi)

story of Mahayoddha Rama, Mahayoddha Rama plot

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Mahayoddha Rama story, synopsis, plot

    Nilesh P. Khandare

    By Nilesh P. Khandare(24 Nov 2009)

    This is a story about a time in India, when the Gods walked among men. At this time on evil King Ravana, wrested a boon from the Creator of the world, Brahma, by praying to him for one thousand years. This boon makes him all-powerful and invincible like the Gods themselves. But Ravana has evil in his heart, and uses his newly acquired power to rage havoc on heaven and on earth.
    In the hallowed precinets of heaven, there is a massive turnout of the Gods meeting to find a way to end Ravana's evil doings. And a way was found; protected by his boon from every living being, Ravana, in his concelt, had not asked for protection from humanst.
    So Lord Vishnu, part of the Godhead trinity and the protector of the world, takes birth as a human, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, to destroy Ravana and free the world from his demonic clutches.
    With Rama's birth, begins the battle of good versus evil. Ravana's evil doings now find a new target as he begins his campaign to kill Rama, urged on by his nine opinionated heads. Politically conscious. Ravana wants to be rid of the child without being implicated for his death. So Ravana uses his magical powers of morphing to disguise himself into different creatures like a poisonous gnat etc. in his futile attempt to put on end to the prince. But much to his frustration and disgust, his attempts only meet with failure.
    As Rama grows up, honourable, brave and full of fun, Ravana grows more and more cunning. Vengeful and embittered.
    The day comes when the 16 year old Rama, fresh from winning another battle against Ravana's devices, attends a tournament to win the hand of the beautiful Princess Sita. He wins her hand and her heart, beating all the other sultors, including Ravana who had desired Sita for himself. Jealous and infuriated, Ravana hatches on evil plot to try to get rid Rama once for all.
    Disguised once again, as the evil palsonous gnat, Ravana stings and corrodes the minds of Rama's step-mother and her maid, inciting them to hatch a plot that will send Rama into exile and isolation so Ravana can at lost exact his revenge.
    Rama is banished to the forests of Chitrakut. He leaves Ayodhya accompanied by his loving wife Sita and his faithful brother Lakshman. Isolated, they must fend off Ravana's attacks alone. Still unwilling to engage in direct combat with Rama, Ravana sends fourteen thousand of his demon army to assassinate Rama, but they all fail.
    Now Ravana is losing credibillity amongst his people. Never having faced Rama himself he has send thousand of his subjects to die. Facing potential mutiny Ravana sends his sister Shurpnaka to seduce Rama, knowing that she is sure to fall and give him a reason to incite his country to war. The plan succeeds when a rebuffed Shurpanaka changes tactic from seduction to attack, and as a result returns mutilated with her ears and nose cut off. With the rabble roused, Ravana completes his plan by sacrificing his uncle as a decoy to enable him to kidnap Sita and bring her to his palace in Lanka, flaunting her as his first prisoner of war.
    As Ravana readles his army, Rama journeys to Lanka. He gathers a large army of Vanars (Apes) and Bears to help him defeat Ravana and rescue Sita. Rama along with Sugreeva, the King of the Vanars, Jaambwant, the King of Bears and Hanuman, a Vanar with magical powers - son of the wind god, lead the armies to build a bridge across the ocean and march into Lanka to fight the demon army and destroy Ravana once and for all.
    The fate of Sita and the world now lies in the hands of the great warrior Prince Rama, as the finally comes face to face with the all-powerful demon King Ravana.