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Main Aurr Mrs Khanna  (2009 - Hindi)

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna cumulative rating: 2.35 out of 52.35/5 (64 users)

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna critics rating: 1.6 out of 5 1.6/5 (13 critics)

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It’s a weird marriage. Which isn’t to suggest there’s such a thing as marriage that isn’t, in some measures, weird. But this one’s particularly so. The husband’s lost his job. He sits for six interviews a day. The wife waits tables, but she’s happy and cares. He is unhappy, but cares. But for a financial worry that they can tide over, they seem a couple for sure. If there is a wife-harasser behind the hero’s droopy eyes, we’re not told. I wish. It would make for a screenplaymore

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna is what they call a "home production" in Bollywood slang. It's the kind of film a star agrees to do in exchange for a fat salary that pays for his or her dream home. When the deal is so good, you don't raise questions about the script. That's the best explanation, and in fact the only one you can think of to understand why Salman Khan or Kareena Kapoor would participate in a film as lame as this one.more

We love drama. That's the staple diet of Bollywood films. Even television shows, till a few months ago, relied too heavily on dramatic moments and twists-n-turns, especially the saas-bahu shows. Of late, the reality shows rely on drama to boost the TRPs. MAIN AURR MRS. KHANNA, directed by debutante Prem Soni, could've been an interesting story had the drama quotient been a bit stronger. What comes across is too simple and ordinary. On the whole, MAIN AURR MRS. KHANNA is weak in merits. more

When the only things you find yourself looking forward to are Sohail Khan’s goofy-bordering-on-the-irritating antics and Bappi Lahiri’s Bhindi (Bangla-accented Hindi, sillies!) in a Salman Khan-Kareena Kapoor romance with appearances from Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukone thrown in, you know that something is not quite right with Main Aurr Mrs Khanna. Ridiculous in its premise, downright boring for the most part and a king-sized disappointment overallmore

Mr and Mrs Khanna (Salman and Kareena) are forced to go their separate ways when financial insecurity strikes their marriage. Will the temporary separation end up in divorce, now that Mrs Khanna has a newfound friend, Sohail Khan? Or will love conquer all... Matrimonial discord does make for some high drama on screen. But only when there is a plausible reason behind the banter and break-up. Main aurr Mrs Khanna seems to fall short in this departmentmore

As far as a point of view on marriage and relationships goes, writer-director Prem Soni almost had it. But somewhere between the takeoff and landing, he hit turbulence and the audience was hit by jet lag. And this is where the airport pun and reference ends -- in this review and the film. Raina Khanna (Kareena Kapoor) is abandoned by her husband Samir (Salman Khan) like she was a used boarding pass (oops!). As he sets off to pursue his career and massage his egomore

We have seen many films on marital problems. Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, starring Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Sohail Khan, is no different. In fact, we wonder what made Salman say yes to Prem Soni's directorial debut when he had already done a film on a similar topic in Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar. Surely it's not to revive his brother Sohail's (he is the producer of MAMK) flagging career? Well, whatever the reason, don't hold your breath: Main Aurr Mrs Khanna is a failed attempt.more

What a slow, strange, boring film which starts with nothing and then gratingly proceeds to go nowhere. Directed by a debutante, Main Aurr Mrs Khanna is like a little moral fable that could well have been summed up in a simple greeting card. They sure as hell didn’t need the entire movie, and certainly not stars like Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor.Did either of them even read the script before signing on, or was it all for brother Sohail Khan?more

Raina (Kareena) and Sameer (Salman) Khanna are living in Melbourne, unhappily married. Their love happens at an altar in an orphanage disguised as a divine miracle for Raina who is actually yearning for a last name more than a life partner. However, after moving to Melbourne from Dalhousie, their marriage sours with Sameer's failed career and Raina's growing frustration with his lack of interest in her life. After deciding to move to Singaporemore

MAIN AUR MRS KHANNA had the potential to be an intense, intricate, complicated story of love. However, the weak writing has let the film down. It's really sad because they had one of the best actresses in Bollywood playing the lead in Kareena Kapoor. They also had Salman Khan, a top draw for distributors across the globe. But the intensity of the romance between Salman and Kareena is wasted away by novice twist, which takes the sting out of the tale. more

Main aur Mrs Khanna... aksar yeh baatein karte hai... ke agar Mr Khanna hote to aisa hota... Mr Khanna hote to vaisa hota. That precisely sums up the story of this film in short. Samir Khanna (Salman Khan) has lost riches and respect in Melbourne city after being accountable for a big beating in the business world. Without a job, his ego is hurt when wife Raina (Kareena Kapoor) becomes the sole breadwinner of the family. He decides to shift to Singaporemore

Post-marriage blues is a tricky subject because it entails seriousness and sadness. People thinking dark thoughts is not something Hindi cinema usually bothers about. And when a film does try bravely to go down that path, like in ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’, it flounders because, after the initial flurry, cluelessness reigns. It begins well enough. Samir Khanna (Salman) plucks pretty Raina No Name (Kareena) from an orphanage and turns her into Mrs Khanna.more

You know you are in trouble when you start noticing the clothes in a film. About half hour into Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, I started to admire Kareena Kapoor’s jackets. Kareena plays Raina, an estranged wife who has a low-paying job in an airport shop but manages nonetheless, to wear superbly stylish, expensive-looking jackets. As it turns out, they were the best part of the film. Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, written and directed by debutant Prem Sonimore