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Mangal Pandey - The Rising  (2005 - Hindi)

Mangal Pandey - The Rising movie review, and Mangal Pandey - The Rising critics rating, comments on Mangal Pandey - The Rising

Mangal Pandey - The Rising cumulative rating: 2.5 out of 52.5/5 (18 users)

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  • Mangal Pandey - The Rising rating: 1 out of 10(Nishit Rawat wrote on 15 Jun 2008)

    mongrel - n 1 derogatory term for a variation that is not genuine; something irregular or inferior or of dubious origin; 2: an inferior dog or one of mixed breed

    I think that one word really sums up the movie. If must add some more, here are ten reasons not to see this movie:

    10. Aamir Khan allegedly charged 7 crore for The Rising. My conjecture - As a result of this exorbitant fee paid to Aamir, the producers could not make the payments to Rahman. Rahman, in turn, gave music to only one song - Mangal, Mangal. The other songs are worthless.

    9. Javed Akhtar's lyrics - substandard, to say the least

    8. Bastardizing the story with Mangal Pandey marrying a prostitute in his prison cell on the night before his execution. Made any sense? No.

    7. The use of Amisha Patel has the good luck charm, playing a widow saved from being a sati. Amisha Patel can look pretty at times. But, she has absolutely nothing to do in this movie. Oh, I forget the kissing scene. Mallika Sherawat watchout!

    6. The item number at the most importune time

    5. And, the Holi number. Pathetic choreography. Did I tell you that this song appears between the night when the mutiny is planned and the actual war?

    4. What are the other formula things missing? Well, ok, it has the Qawwali sequence too, in a Masjid in the night. Was the sequence needed? Hell, no!

    3. The war sequences are unreal, superficial and worse that what you would see even in Kisna. Imagine!

    2. There is absolutely no research done on the history - Lip service is paid to the war of independence in 1857 - Rani Lakshibai, Tantya Tope, Bahadur Shah Zafar have been given probably 1 minute in all.

    1. The movie does absolutely no justice to the gravity and scope of the subject it tries to handle.

    I don't think I have covered all the negatives. This one compares with Ashoka and I had to wonder how they missed an item number just before the hanging of Mangal Pandey.

    Damn, what a waste!

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