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Mausam  (2011 - Hindi)

Mausam movie review, and Mausam critics rating, comments on Mausam

Mausam cumulative rating: 2.45 out of 52.45/5 (156 users)

Mausam critics rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5/5 (5 critics)

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  • "Shaddai" mujhe kar gaya….

    Mausam rating: 4 out of 10(Divya Solgama wrote on 23 Sep 2011)

    What strikes you when you hear “Epic Romantic Movie or Classic Romantic Tale or Romantic Saga of Love, etc”? Yes! Names like “Mughal E Azam, Devdas, Sangam, Ek Duje Ke Liye, etc” come in your mind. The reason for it is that these movies told us the same romance between a boy meets girl but in different and grand style. The situations in these films were either epic or larger than life. Plus a huge contribution of fantastic songs at regular interval adds as the perfect ingredient required for the wholesome meal. Not to forget the Romantic pair of the leading actors who with their charm and screen presence takes the stuff to another level. But then there are times when our film makers who dream of making an Epic Saga of Love, etc end up being either too arty or over poetic or self indulged. They have everything in their film, except the connection of audience with the “Love” in their film. After a long time Ace actor Pankaj Kapoor brings us his first directorial venture “Mausam” which he claims to be as “A Love Story beyond Romance”. Humm Quite interesting, so let’s find out whether he means what he claims or it might be just one of those publicity stunts which are used to promote the film.

    “Mausam” is story of .....{Check the Synopsis}

    Story is definitely different and on papers sounds superb. The usage of Riots, War, 9/11, etc as the backdrop in the love story is a novel idea and reminds us the golden 60’s era of Raj Kapoor and Rajendra Kumar. But it’s the screenplay which fails to support its basic concept. The best moments of the film are when it’s in our own Punjab; Sweet and Simple romance. But as it moves to international venue the romance starts diluting and fails to connect with the audience. Second half is mostly about chasing each other. The current events looked forced and at times jarring between the love story. Still the movie has some enjoyable scenes like Shahid’s fooling the villagers for the Car, Shahid and his friends at the Village elders meet {Chair Joke}, Shahid and Sonams exchange of name and notes at mehendi function {beautifully shot}, Scotland Tea meet between Sonam & Shahid, Usage of “Abhi Na Jaao Chod Kar” song by Sonam, Shahid searching Sonam in Swiss Alps, etc.

    On the flip side the films slows down as it moves away from Punjab, All the current event {Babri Masjid Demolition, Mumbai Bomb Blast, Kargil War, 9/11 & Gujarat Riots} looked forced and jarring at times. Once a while or maybe twice its fine to introduce such events as dramatic twist to the movie, but out here it keeps going on and on. There was a time where I felt I was watching India TV news reports. Not to forget the cheap Special effects used at the War time {Air Planes flying over animated Himalaya Ranges} and Gujarat Riots {Even T.V Serial C.I.D has better Sp.Effects}. The war scenes were not at all convincing. Without any enemy firing back they show Shahid getting hit and later injured, all these stuff was total crap. The makers could had done wonders with the technology we have around us, but the end result was not even at par with the War scenes shown in 60’s era films which were shot in studios and not computer desktops. I was just wondering that this couple might be the most jinxed couple on the earth as all the mishaps happened to them only. There are so many loopholes and stupid illogical moments where one starts dissociating itself with the on screen couples and problems in their life. As they say anything overdone is bad, but out here it’s horrible.

    Camera work is fantastic and all the locations especially Punjab and Swiss Alps were superb. They add freshness to the film. Editing is fine in the first half, but fails in the second half. The job of Editor is to make connection between the audience and the director, but out here it fails as we fail to understand the director’s whole point of dragging the film so long. If there would had been some more big events in our country the makers would had dragged it even further more.

    Music by Pritam is fresh and refreshing. “O Rabba Main To Marr” is the best song of the album. Its beautifully shot in the feilds of Punjab, capturing the cuteness of Shahid. “Saj Dhaj Ke” is a nice dance number. “Zara Si” is very pretty and beautiful song, reminding you of the songs from golden era. “Rab Kho Gaya”, “Poore Se Zaraa” makes the story going. “Mallo Malli” is treat for Shahid's fans towards the end credits.

    Pankaj Kapoor is one of India’s finest actor who has worked with great legendry directors like Shyam Benegal, Basu Chatterjee, Tapan Sinha, Maniratnam, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Kundan Shah, Sayeed Mirza, Mrinal Sen, Govind Nihalani, Vishal Bharadwaj and many more. So when we see him wearing the director’s hat, one does expect a great cinema. But looks like movie making is not an easy task, especially blending of Art house cinema with commercial cinema. As said earlier the usage of all the ill events as backdrop of love story sounds superb, but it should had been executed in proper manner. Pankaj Kapoor fails in executing it along with weak screenplay and jarring technical effects. Only place he succeeds is on extracting some decent performance from his son and filling the silver screen with some beautiful locations. Since its his first film we hope he strikes back with his original forte and gives us a great film in near future.

    Shahid Kapoor looks cute in the initial part of the film and later pretty charming as the Air force officer. Its takes guts to attempt such role which needs different looks and change of character. He delivers a decent performance and does his part with total justice. Sonam Kapoor is fine and bit improved then her last movies, but still needs lots of hard work. Supriya Pathak, Anupam Kher and others are average in their supporting roles.

    So bol meri “Filmi Khopdi” is film mein kitna hai Dum ?

    Dum hai sirf first half mein, Songs and Locations mein dum hai; Baaki sab mein Paani kum hai. Thanks to disastrous second half, cheap special effects, overdose of ill events and dragging chase between the lead pair makes this movie as a total waste of time. Also the chemistry between the lead pair is missing and one fails to connect with their sorrow and misery. Yes you do feel sorry for the great opportunity lost and all the audience who feels like jackass while watching the war and riots scenes. I would like to end my analysis of this film with lines from the most popular song of this film “Rabba Mein to..”. The lines are “Shaddai mujhe kar gaya….”, in case you are wondering what does Shaddai means; well it means "to overpower" or "to destroy"{Courtesy –}

    Ratings : 2/5 {Only for the Music and Locations}

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