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Mayabazaar  (2012 - Bengali)

Mayabazaar movie review, and Mayabazaar critics rating, comments on Mayabazaar

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  • A market of illusions

    Mayabazaar rating: 5 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 03 Jun 2012)

    How do you handle a film which is about evil spirits, ghosts, skeptics, atheists and generally about the supernatural, about illusions and is all bold in nature? Maya Bazaar, a NFDC produced film which was made 3-4 years back is all set to release finally as it was stuck all this while due to problems of the NFDC and is about all the above mentioned things and a lot more.

    The film consists of 3 stories-the first ‘Smriti’ is based on Saradindu Bandopadyay’s ‘Dehantar’ and is about Kuhu who sees her husband in every man she gets intimate with and make loves to though her husband is dead. Her dead husband’s spirit finally takes over the body of her boyfriend or so it seems at the end. The second story based on Saradindu’s ‘Shunyo Shudhu Shunyo Noy’ is about a young dreamy painter who lives in his own dreamy world and is very close to the roots. He imagines himself to be besotted to Lata who he later discovers is already dead. The director had said that he had made changes from the original story because the original story was a comedy but here it is a tragedy to maintain the mood and flow of the film. The third story ‘Bhabishyat ‘ based on RajSekhar Basu’s ‘Mahasher Mahajatra’ is about two professors one of whom is an athiest cum skeptic and the other is a believer . The story and film ends on an unpredictable note.

    To handle so many subjects in a single film is not easy. There are a few common elements in all three stories –the supernatural, the spirits, ghosts and illusions . These factors bind all the stories together. Again the level of supernatural element is different in each story. The first story is about Kuhu’s obsession for her dead husband and memories that linger even after he passes away. Kuhu’s boyfriend who was a skeptic becomes her dead husband as his spirit takes over and this further convinces Nisith about the presence of spirits in our world. The second story is about a young dreamy painter and his beloved only to discover that she has passed away a long time back. He is happy to remain in his illusionary world where he can remain with his beloved and communicate with her. The third story which is about the professors is strictly about the non believer who meets with a sudden death but so does the believer in a weird way. Nearly every character is also shown to be drinking .

    The director has tried to potray that atheists ashouldn’t be atheists and specially skeptics shouldn’t be skeptics because the spirits and ghosts do exist. The last story shows that we lose certain people suddenly and maybe even they don’t know that the end is approaching. Did he meet his end so suddenly beacuse he was a non believer? If yes, why does the non believer also die so suddenly? The cinematography specially when the young artist is travelling to Nijhampur to his friend’s house-the beautiful land captured in various colours including yellow and the shot of the train going over the bridge is beautiful . Each drop of water falls from the tap with a sound to create an impact, but probably the sequence which has the most impact is the sequence featuring the saxophonist. With that scene, Anupam Mullick, the music director has tried to show that death is approaching, but however it has been done in a soothing way instead of the violin which is actually the instrument for sad moments. That is because the 2nd story is most probably the most tragic and over there Anupam has used Rabindra Sangeets as background compositions which sounded nice and were appropriate. Therefore to make the end more soothing along with the background score which features when the ghosts are carrying Mahesh’s body for cremation is interesting. Jack who has acted in more films meanwhile, but this film is his debut film is probably the only person who shines in the role of a young artist lost in his own world besotted with the spirit of Lata in an illusion.The film has some bold scenes in the first story but they are no longer too bold in 2012 since we have seen all that before.

    Joydeep Ghosh therefore has wanted to put forward the fact that spirits and ghosts do exist and there is no place for skeptics or atheists and if you think otherwise, think twice.

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