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Mehbooba  (2008 - Hindi)

Mehbooba cumulative rating: 1.45 out of 51.45/5 (8 users)

Mehbooba critics rating: 1.4 out of 5 1.4/5 (5 critics)

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Harrow. In New York, a man makes a woman flutter like an imprisoned sparrow. In Budapest, there`s another pest. And in Rajasthan, she doesn`t even have a moment to grab a desert sun tan. Or a camel ride. Woe betide. That`s Afzal Khan`s delayed-by-nearly-a-decade Mehboobamore

Checking into cinemas this week, some nine odd years after it began filming, director Afzal Khan`s Mehbooba is the kind of blast from the past that`s best forgotten. Ajay Devgan stars as a hapless romantic who`s dreamt up an imaginary girlfriendmore

A film like MEHBOOBA makes you nostalgic. It takes you back to the cinema of 1990s, when an altogether new breed of film-makers took over Bollywood. Multiple heroes, lavish sets, scenic locations… money was being pumped in from all corners in Hindi moviesmore

SANJAY Dutt looks young and natty. Manisha Koirala is slim and trim. Kader Khan is still around. And Ajay Devgan is callow and boyish. Well, it doesn`t take long for you to guess the time period of this of the film. Neither through the characters nor through the plot which is older than the formula itselfmore

From the opening song set against the backdrop of the Alps, you know this film has come eight years too late, compounded by slim versions of Sanjay Dutt and Manisha Koirala and a youthful Ajay Devgan. Shot in New York, Budapest, Austria, Bikaner and Jaisalmer and Mumbaimore