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Meri Padosan  (2009 - Hindi)

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Meri Padosan cumulative rating: 1.15 out of 51.15/5 (4 users)

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  • Dinesh Poojary

    Meri Padosan rating: 1 out of 10

    By Dinesh Poojary(13 May 2009)

    Some people are completely clueless about screen writing. There has to be a start, a middle and an end in every film. MERI PADOSAN has a start, but the middle and the end are so amateurish that you wonder how films like this are envisioned in the first place.Forget laughing, one doesn't even smile in most parts of this film. The jokes are non-appealing and at times, crass. The culmination to the tale is equally confusing. Music is dull.On the whole, this padosan is just not welcome! » read more

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