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Mirror Mirror  (2012 - English)

story of Mirror Mirror, Mirror Mirror plot

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Mirror Mirror story, synopsis, plot

Plot Summary: Mirror Mirror is a fresh and funny retelling of the Snow White legend, Seven courageous rebel dwarfs join forces with Snow White as she fights to reclaim her birthright and win her Prince in this magical adventure comedy filled with jealousy, romance, and betrayal.

    Rishabh Baid

    By Rishabh Baid(22 Apr 2012)

    Snow White's
    mother died after giving birth to her. Her father, the King (Sean Bean), then raised Snow White so that she could rule the kingdom one day. Feeling that she needed
    a mother, the king married
    again. His new wife is
    Clementianna, the most beautiful woman in the land.
    One day, the king leaves to
    fight a great evil that has
    invaded the land, leaving
    Snow White his favorite
    dagger. He rides off into the forest and never comes back.
    Clementianna rules in his
    place. Jealous and threatened
    by Snow White and the
    people's devotion to her, the
    queen decides Snow White must do what snow does
    best, fall. Snow
    White then defies the
    Queen's orders and leaves the palace, intent on seeing the
    conditions of her kingdom.
    In the forest, she meets
    Prince Andrew Alcott
    (Armie Hammer) and his companion, Renbock who
    have been robbed by bandits
    (the seven dwarfs). She and
    the Prince are drawn to each other but go their separate ways. Snow White arrives in
    the town which the palace
    overlooks, and discovers it is
    barren and the people
    destitute due to the Queen's
    greed. She remembers visiting the town once
    before with her father, and
    how the people used to sing
    and dance. A townswoman
    tells her that such things
    have not happened for many years. Angered that
    Clementianna has destroyed
    everything her father
    worked for, Snow White
    decides to help the kingdom
    and overthrow the Queen. Prince Alcott finds his way
    to the palace. The Queen,
    realizing he comes from a
    wealthy kingdom, hatches a
    plot to get him to marry her
    so she can solve her financial problems. She hosts a ball in honor of the Prince and goes
    to great lengths to make
    herself as beautiful as
    possible. Snow White
    secretly attends the ball,
    planning to ask the prince, whom she believes she has
    not met, to help her restore
    the kingdom. She and Alcott
    learn the truth about each
    other when they are
    partnered in a dance. Smitten, Prince Alcott makes
    sure that Snow White stays
    by his side which the Queen
    notices. The Queen has Snow
    White seized by her guards,
    and Snow White, for the first time in her life, stands
    up to her stepmother and
    tells her she has no right to
    rule as she does. The Queen,
    seeing Snow White as the
    threat she always feared she would be orders her
    manservant, Brighton
    (Nathan Lane), to take the princess into the forest and
    feed her to the beast that
    lives there. Brighton takes
    Snow White to the forest
    but is unable to kill her,
    instead he releases her and tells her to run. Snow White,
    fleeing the beast, collapses at
    the door to the Seven
    Dwarfs house. The Queen
    goes to her magic mirror, a
    portal to a bleak and barren world that contains a house
    full of mirrors. Within the
    mirrors lives a reflection of
    the Queen. The reflection is a
    younger, wiser version of
    her, dressed in simple country clothes, suggesting
    the Queen had truly humble
    beginnings. The Queen then
    requests a love potion so she
    can make the Prince fall in
    love with her. The mirror repeatedly warns her that
    there is a price for using
    magic. Back in the forest,
    Snow White wakes up to
    find herself surrounded by
    the dwarfs (Grimm, Butcher, Wolf, Napoleon, Half Pint,
    Grub, Chuckles). After much
    debate they agree to let her
    stay with them for one
    night. The Queen levies another tax
    against the people to pay for
    the parties she throws for
    Prince Alcott. Brighton is
    sent to collect, and is
    informed by the town magistrate that the people
    can not tolerate much more.
    On the way back to the
    palace the dwarfs rob
    Brighton and steal the tax
    money. When Snow White finds out that the dwarfs are
    thieves, and that the stolen
    money belongs to the
    townspeople, she is angry.
    The dwarfs explain that no
    one stood up for them years earlier when the Queen
    expelled them from the
    kingdom because she
    thought they were ugly.
    Thus, they feel no guilt for
    stealing. Snow White sneaks away while they are
    distracted to return the
    money. The townspeople are
    overjoyed to have their
    money back and Snow
    White lets the dwarfs take credit for it, earning them
    the people's acceptance and
    gratitude. The dwarfs agree
    that Snow White can stay
    permanently if she agrees to
    become a thief, like them. She agrees, but only if they
    can steal from the Queen and
    give back to the people. Meanwhile, Clementianna
    informs Alcott that Snow
    White is dead, and attempts
    to get him to marry her,
    only to be interrupted by
    Brighton. When the Prince finds out that the bandits
    have robbed Brighton, he
    goes after them, unaware of
    the awful things the Queen
    has done. In the forest
    Alcott discovers that Snow White is not only alive but in
    league with the bandits. Each
    believing the other to be in
    the wrong, Snow White and
    Alcott duel. Alcott returns to
    the Palace defeated and informs the Queen that
    Snow White is alive and in
    league with the bandits that
    stole her money. The Queen
    consults the mirror once
    again. She demands that the mirror punish Brighton for
    lying to her (it turns him
    into a cockroach) and tells
    the mirror to use its magic to
    kill Snow White. The mirror
    warns her again that there is a price to using magic, but
    the Queen, blinded by hatred,
    agrees to accept whatever
    consequences her actions
    may bring. She uses a love
    potion to make the Prince fall in love with her with
    unintended results (she
    accidentally used a potion
    called Puppy Love which causes the Prince to act like a
    devoted puppy dog).
    Although the effects of the
    potion were wrong, she uses
    the Prince's new found
    devotion to get him to agree to marry her. When Snow
    White learns of the wedding,
    she is heartbroken. The
    Queen then uses black magic
    to create two giant wooden
    puppets in the forest and uses them to try and kill
    Snow White and the dwarfs.
    Snow White is able to cut the
    strings of the puppets and
    break the mirror's spell, but
    she decides to run away to protect her new friends. The
    next morning, the dwarfs
    find her gone and discover a
    note she left them telling
    them she loves them all.
    They intercept her just as she is preparing to leave. The
    dwarfs are able to cheer her
    up, and convince her their
    lives are better with her.
    They decide to crash the
    wedding of the Queen and the Prince, and do so. The
    Queen arrives at her
    wedding to find the Prince
    gone and the noble guests in
    their underwear, r

    Pritam Roy

    By Pritam Roy(04 Apr 2012)

    One of the most beloved stories of all time is coming to life in the motion picture Snow White legend, Mirror Mirror. A fresh and funny retelling of the Snow White legend, Mirror Mirror» read more