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Mon Aamar Shudhu Tomar  (2010 - Bengali)

Mon Aamar Shudhu Tomar cumulative rating: 2.15 out of 52.15/5 (14 users)

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Mon Aamar Shudhu Tomar critic reviews & ratings


First there was Prem Amar and now there’s Raj Mukherjee’s Mon Amar Sudhu Tomar. For those who have had a taste of Raj Chakraborty’s Prem Amar, the storyline of Mon Amar... will come across as curiously similar to Raj’s Soham-Payal starrer. Only this time around, the lead pair comprises Sujoy and Priyadarshini essaying Shanu and Pari. Once again, there’s the good-for-nothing Shanu’s blind love for Pari, who, in turn, is all set to marry Badshahmore