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I am actress, still trying to make my foothold strong in Bollywood. I had made a debut in Bollywood in 2004 but that went unnoticed and I moved on to south industry.

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Photo shoot: Actress Bidita Bag
Portfolio shoot: Actress Bidita Bag
Hot & sexy photo shoot: Actress Bidita Bag
Vidya Balan at 'The Wrong Turn' book launch
Varun Dhawan promoting 'Badrinath Ki Dulhania'
Swara Bhaskar at 'Hawa Badlo' screening
About Aditya Chakrabarty: I Love Movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    E Ki Labanye review on 11-08-2016 10:45:38
    E Ki Labanye

    Rating: E Ki Labanye movie rating: 0 out of 10

    E Ki Labanye is an extremely dramatic film starring Debshankar Haldar and Locket in the lead roles which is a never ending tale about a musician and his wife and their tale of woes. Kevin (Debshankar Haldar) is an acclaimed violinist who is the most egoistic, arrogant and pompous man ...more

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    Raater Rajanigandha review on 06-01-2016 07:47:18
    Raater Rajanigandha

    Rating: Raater Rajanigandha movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Raater Rajanigandha is a film which has been stuck for the past couple of years as it had been produced by a chit fund but now a leading producer has taken over the film and so the film has finally released.

    The film has an unusual pair in the form of Rituparna Sengupta and ...

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    Abby Sen review on 10-11-2015 10:57:15
    Abby Sen

    Rating: Abby Sen movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Science fiction films are very rarely made in Tollywood and certainly none have been made so far on the subject of time travel. Atanu Ghosh’s new film Abby Sen is based on that concept which evolves around a man’s journey as he goes back in time while analyzing his own experiences with ...more

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    Cross Connection 2 review on 25-10-2015 12:07:56
    Cross Connection 2

    Rating: Cross Connection 2 movie rating: 0 out of 10

    After Cross Connection in 2009 which was a romcom , Abhijit Guha- Sudeshna Roy is back with the sequel called Cross Connection 2 .

    The film features 2 couples, Akash - Imon and Vicky- Riya. Akash wants to get married while Imon wants to be a photographer and on the other hand ...

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    Monihara review on 11-07-2015 16:33:17

    Rating: Monihara movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Monihara by Subhabrata Chatterjee is a contemporary version of Rabindranath Tagore’s short story of the same name. The story is about the disappearance of Monideepa, a wealthy housewife whose disappearance will really make the audience think and raise several questions which will really ...more

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    Naxal review on 23-06-2015 17:46:52

    Rating: Naxal movie rating: 0 out of 10

    The film traces the famous Naxalite movement cum uprising from 1967-1971. It is about two friends Anirban Sen(Mithun Chakrabarty),a naxalite and Siddharta Choudhury(Dhritiman Chatterjee) who were best of friends during that period and shared ideologies, but time had separated them and ...more

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    Aschhe Bochhor Aabar Hobe review on 01-06-2015 16:32:43
    Aschhe Bochhor Aabar Hobe

    Rating: Aschhe Bochhor Aabar Hobe movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Greentouch Entertainment is a leading production house of Kolkata who have already released a few of their films in theatres and a few more are on the floors. But their first ever project, Asche Bochor Abar Hobe is getting released after quite a while this week. In the meantime the two ...more

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    Fakebook review on 22-05-2015 15:15:05

    Rating: Fakebook movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Fakebook which released on Friday explores the themes of love, innocence, relationship, differences in society and how far a man can go to get his love and that whether that love is true in today's digital world. There are several fake Facebook profiles, which have put users of the ...more

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    Room No 103 review on 18-05-2015 15:30:48
    Room No 103

    Rating: Room No 103 movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Room 103 is a story which Aniket Chatterjee had decided to make in to a film at least 6 years, but somehow it never happened. Meanwhile he made several other films while this remained in the pipeline. Finally he decided to make this film in 2012, but then again the release was delayed ...more

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    Kadambari review on 14-05-2015 17:53:22

    Rating: Kadambari movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Kadambari Devi was the wife of Jyotindranath Tagore, Rabindranath Tagore’s elder brother. She was uneducated, but her husband arranged for her education after their marriage and there was also an age gap between the couple. She was near to Rabindranath‘s age and so grew up together from ...more

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    Jogajog review on 09-05-2015 18:46:29

    Rating: Jogajog movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Jogajog, Tagore’s work from 1929 and Shekhar Das’s dream project is about the Chatterjees and the Ghoshals and the relationships between the two families. The Chatterjees are the fading aristocrats while the Ghoshals are the family with arrogance and money. The Chatterjees are also ...more

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    Nirbaak review on 04-05-2015 17:55:33

    Rating: Nirbaak movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Nirbaak is Srijit‘s magical ode of fantasy with a tragic theme which marks the debut of Sushmita Sen in Tollywood. The film consists of four love stories which feature a single lady and follows a hyperlink and each of them ends on a tragic note. In the first story we see Malcolm (Anjan ...more

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    89 review on 29-04-2015 18:09:07

    Rating: 89 movie rating: 0 out of 10

    After Damadol which was a comedy, Manoj Michigan comes up with a smart taut thriller in the form of '89'. Raima Sen plays Purba who witnesses a bomb blast and with the help of ATS officer (Shataf Figar) and a hypnotist (Barun Chanda), she comes across a serial killer, Sabyasachi(Saswata). ...more

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    Jhumura review on 29-04-2015 18:06:24

    Rating: Jhumura movie rating: 5 out of 10

    Jhumura is director Anindya Chatterjee’s debut film(not the Anindya Chatterjee of Chandrabindoo and Open Tee Bioscope fame, but a different person) about the dying art forms and the traditional folk music of the villages, in this case , about Jhumur, a dying art form of Purulia. The ...more

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    Ajana Batas review on 01-04-2015 17:28:45
    Ajana Batas

    Rating: Ajana Batas movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Anjan Das’s final film, Ajana Batas has released this week. The director unfortunately passed away some months back due to cancer. Like his other film, this film is also based on a novel on Joy Goswami and stars Paoli Dam as Deepa who works in an ad agency and has a problem communicating ...more

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    Sajarur Kanta review on 26-03-2015 18:38:39
    Sajarur Kanta

    Rating: Sajarur Kanta movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Sajarur Kanta , a Byomkesh Bakshi film was first shot in 1974 starring a not so well known actor as Byomkesh Bakshi ,Shymal Ghoshal and wasn't too successful either. Sajarur Kanta, the new remake
    directed by Saibal Mitra is a contemporary version of the actual story and has Dhritiman ...

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    Park Street review on 17-03-2015 17:31:58
    Park Street

    Rating: Park Street movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Park Street, which released recently is based on the Park Street rape case which caused a hue and cry all over because of the impact it had and the controversial remarks of the C.M who had said the incident was fabricated. The film was supposed to release quite a while back and it’s release ...more

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    Cocktail review on 23-02-2015 18:32:44

    Rating: Cocktail movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Cocktail, Swapan Saha’s latest film is a film by the ace director after years. This film takes us on a roller coaster ride as a series of events takes place which ends in a happy ending.

    Kishaloy comes from outside Kolkata to work in Apurba’s company who is the M.D. Apurba ...

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    Kanchenjunga Express review on 14-02-2015 16:07:41
    Kanchenjunga Express

    Rating: Kanchenjunga Express movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Kanchenjunga Express is a very unusual film in recent times and undertakes a journey of utter confusion so much that for most of the time you don’t know where it is headed.

    The film revolves around the life of Nandini, an NGO worker. Nandini is a simple kind-hearted woman, ...

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    Achena Bondhutto review on 14-02-2015 16:04:39
    Achena Bondhutto

    Rating: Achena Bondhutto movie rating: 0 out of 10

    Achena Bondhutto is the first film to have been made on the LGBT community and is indeed a brave attempt by Hrishikesh Mondol, to make a film on the community. Article 377 has always been a controversial act and even more, after the Supreme Court ruling in Dec 2013 which raised a hue ...more