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Mumbai Mirror   (2013 - Hindi)

Mumbai Mirror  cumulative rating: 2.4 out of 52.4/5 (86 users)

Mumbai Mirror  critics rating: 1.95 out of 5 1.95/5 (7 critics)

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MUMBAI MIRROR is for those who relish masala movies

DABANGG and SINGHAM started a trend of sorts. Besides reviving memories of the cinema of yore, these two films depicted the main protagonist in larger than life avatars. In a majority of masala entertainers these days, the star power supersedes the script [although DABANGG and SINGHAM had watertight scripts to compliment the stardom], with cinematic liberties galore. The protagonist breaks into a power-packed dialoguemore

It has flaws in the first half, but, the second half sums up the suspense

Chor Police anyone? We've all played the game. But here comes a new twisted tale to show us that there ain't nothing like a good cop or bad cop. A cop is a cop. That sets the premise for this fast-paced police-drama, filled with bad boys and some good fellas. Shetty (Prakash Raj) is Mumbai's biggest bhai, owning several dance bars - a 'hot-bed' for other nefarious activities for his customers who are always 'tight'more

Mumbai Mirror is criminally unoriginal

We have seen this picture before. Many times before. Hindi cinema has abundantly explored the complex nexus among cops, underworld and the political class. So there is nothing revelatory in Sachiin Joshi's new film Mumbai Mirror, directed by Ankush Bhatt of Bhindi Bazaar Inc fame. From the title of the film to the characterisation, dialogues, and theme, Mumbai Mirror owes a lot to plenty of other sources. The lead actor of the film is a schizophrenic versionmore

The subject is red hot

He is an honest cop, doing all the wrong things (drugs, prostitution, goondagiri...). However, he cannot bear to see any women being discriminated, especially beaten. His mother was once beaten black and blue, daily, by his alcoholic father. That created in him a hatred for men who disrespect women. He is inspector Abhijit Patil (Sachiin Joshi). He is a dreaded gangster who runs Mumbai city, or rather, buys his way through with his nexusmore

I've just finished watching 'Mumbai Mirror' and can't make up my mind : was it so bad that it was plain vanilla bad, or was it head-clutchingly awful? Here's what I sat through for two hours and some. In the fair city of Mumbai, there is a cop who goes by the name of Abhijeet Patil ( Joshi). But he could very well be any cop played by Salman Bhai who plays cops who go on to make 100 crores at the box office. Sample this : "Main ek hi baat par bharosa karta hoonmore

We've been there, done it all before

If Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg was to be merged with Anant Velankar in Govind Nihalani's Ardh Satya, we would probably get Abhijeet Patil in Mumbai Mirror. Abhijeet, played by entrepreneur-actor Sachiin Joshi, is the product of Mumbai's underbelly. He is a cop. But he could well be on the other side of the law without skipping a beat. Like Om Puri in Ardh Satya, Sachiin Joshi's character in its childhood watched his sadistic father beat up his mothermore

If you want to laugh at the utter nonsense going on on-screen, you might as well sit through it

The hero smirks, his handlebar moustache bristles and he delivers his supposed claptrap, “Iss duniya mein mujhe ek hi cheez se darr lagta hai, ke mujhe kisi bhi cheez se darr nahi lagta.” Now watch your hopes burn. Abhijeet Patil’s (Sachiin Joshi) intro scene is like the one from Wanted, with a Janmashtami scene instead. Our dear hero is a crooked cop with a vague moral compass: he sleeps with prostitutes but will not allow dance bars to functionmore