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Murder 2 critic rating (Hindustan Times): 1
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Murder 2 critic rating ( 4
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Murder 2 critic rating (The Telegraph): 2
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Murder 2 critic rating (Times of India): 3.5
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Murder 2 critic rating ( 1.5

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Murder 2  (2011 - Hindi)

Murder 2 movie review, and Murder 2 critics rating, comments on Murder 2

Murder 2 cumulative rating: 3.05 out of 53.05/5 (70 users)

Murder 2 critics rating: 2.3 out of 5 2.3/5 (9 critics)

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  • 'Murder' chilled you, but 'MURDER-2' thrills you

    Murder 2 rating: 8 out of 10(Akhtar Ali Sayyed wrote on 09 Jul 2011)

    My Grandfather used to say that there was an era when people used to consider PRAN as a very bad-man and throw their sandal and shoes on the screen whenever he appears. Then Ranjeet, Prem Chopra, Amrish Puri, Amjad Khan, Gulshan Grover, Shakti Kapoor, Danny etc. kind of people were used to be very famous villains; but people didn’t use to hate them as they hated Pran Saab. Then the era of villains like Irffan khan, ashish vidyarthi and ashutosh rana came. Ashotosh rana was highly appreciated villain of the time. His roles in the movies like Dushman and Sangharsh were phenomenal. It was a time zone where people started accepting the villains as well. But this kind of movies takes time to get accepted. In India, people love murder mysteries. Suspense and serial killing movies. Few of the examples… GUMNAAM, GUPT, SAMAY, etc. but movies on Psycho killers are the new trend to show the villainous avatar. Will it be acceptable by the audience in the face of MURDER -2??? Let’s see…

    Let’s find out what MURDER-2 has to offer us…

    “MURDER 2”
    Whenever we used to hear the movie named “Murder” we use to consider a movie with several hot scenes and a story of a woman's betrayal. Is Murder-2 to be the same to its prequel?

    Well, there is big NO.

    Let’s discuss the plot of the movie.

    Murder-2 is a story of Arjun Bhagwat (Emraan Hashmi), ex-cop, who does all the bad things for money, meets Sameer, who runs the Call-Girls Racket. Sameer offers arjun huge money to find out his missing girls. Arjun prepares a plan and asks sameer to send a girl to the customer. During this investigation Arjun manages to find the man Dheeraj Panday (Prashant Narayan) but found the girl, Reshma (Sulagna Panigrahi) missing. Saba (Sudhashu Pandey) steps in to help Arjun. Dheeraj admits that he is a serial killer who has killed call girls. Now, all they have is a night to solve few questions.

    1. How to prove Dheeraj Guilty?
    2. Where is Reshma?
    3. Is she still alive or he also killed her?

    Answering these questions is rest of the movie.

    You all must be thinking where Jacqueline Fernandez is. Well, she is very much in the movie but sidelined due to the concept. Her character is Priya who is confused about her relationship with Arjun.

    Now does this kind of ‘Murder’ manage to make audience keep hold on their seats?

    Well, Yes…

    Let’s discuss about the Screenplay, story, dialogues…

    The story is sharply written with a fast moving screenplay. Mahesh Bhatt came up with a fabulous and thrilling subject, which was well supported by a sharp and tight screenplay and some fantastic dialogues written by Shagufta Rafiq. The role written of the character Dheeraj Pandey is the real beauty of the movie.
    You are definitely going to like several scenes and dialogues of the movie like….

    - Arjun’s entry, where he fights with some russian guys.
    - The initial conversation between Arjun and Sameer
    - Arjun’s Plan ( the Tiger and the Goat)
    - Dheeraj’s Make-up
    - Arjun and dheeraj’s first meet at medical store & then Arjun chases dheeraj
    - Cop John interrogates Dheeraj
    - Dheeraj’s Confession infront of Saba
    - Dheeraj’s interrogation by Psychiatrist (played by Shweta Kwatra)
    - Reshma at dheeraj’s Place
    - The Scene before Interval when reshma finds herself in a well and surrounded by the bags of dead bodies.
    - And above all, all the killing scenes.
    - And a new version of "BHEEGE HONTH TERE"

    are few of the good scenes..

    Now, about the performances…

    EMRAAN HASHMI played a fabulous role; he is improving movie by movie… Awarapan, Raaz-2, OUTIM, Dil toh Bachcha hai ji and now, this movie. His dialogue delivery & acting was sharp. The best scene is when he visits the church and starts crying (In the song: AYE KHUDA)

    JACQUELINE FERANADEZ was hot, sizzling, tempting but wasted. She was fabulous, but only in bold scenes. Rest she gave an average performance. There was no focus on her at all.

    SUDHANSHU PANDEY; well, saw him after a long – long time and I must say that he did justice with his role. He gave a solid performance in few scenes with Emraan and Prashant.

    SULAGNA PANIGRAHI; this girl is fantastic performer. As Reshma, her performance is commendable infront of Prashant. It is her first movie but delivered the best performer as a first time call girl. Her performance had innocence, fear and courage to get out of the trouble.

    SANDEEP SIKAND was fabulous in a small role of a cross-dresser Minister named Nirmala Pandit.

    SHWETA KWATRA has only one scene in the movie. But she gave a power packed performance as a psychiatrist.

    PRASHANT NARAYAN was the best character in the movie as Dheeraj Pandey, a Psycho Killer. His acting was sharp and his performance was thrilling and cruel. We can say that he lived his role. Prashant has improved a lot since Chhal, Waisa bhi hota hai Prat2, Yeh Saali Zindagi, Bhindi Bazaar… He just needed a big Camp and a remarkable movie for a proving himself. And Yes, He got that with Murder-2

    One more Plus Point of the movie is its music.

    Aa Zara, Haal-e-Dil, and Aye Khuda just went smoothly with the script, though I missed Phir Mohabbat a lot in the movie. Background music is also solid and supports the scenes very well.

    I don’t understand why Mahesh Bhatt claimed that YANA GUPTA’s Item number "AA Zara" is hottest ever. I didn’t find any great thing in that. BABUJI’s remixed version was far – far hotter than this one.

    Director Mohit Suri handled a very dark subject with such an ease that it entertains the audience and doesn’t get over shadowed. He tried his best to take out the best of the performances from the cast, which we can easily make out while watching the movie. He had a great control on the script as well as the characters of the movie.


    Well, the Answer is a big YES….

    Murder2 is dark concept with some hot, sizzling and several thrilling experiences, which make you to hold tight your seat…

    In simple words…

    MURDER -2 gave a new dimension and definition to the brand name “MURDER” and takes it from Chilling movie to Thrilling movie…

    'Murder' chilled you, but 'MURDER-2' thrills you...

    P.S. : Please don’t compare it with the prequel, as there is nothing similar except the name, Emraan and Bhatt Camp…

    My Ratings: 3.75 + 0.25 for Prashant Narayan
    So it goes to

    **** (4 stars out of 5)


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