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Murder  (2011 - Bengali)

Murder movie review, and Murder critics rating, comments on Murder

Murder cumulative rating: 2.1 out of 52.1/5 (136 users)

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  • We say 'murder us instead'

    Murder rating: 3 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 11 Dec 2011)

    • A real shocker! 'Murder' the posters scream! 'Murder' we all think will turn out to be a suspense thriller or something thereabouts! But surprise, surprise it turns out to be a horror film!

    The plot-Manav,an obsessed husband can not stand any male getting close to Mahi, his wife so one day he bumps off Mahi’s friend as he suspects they were in a relationship before. The husband and wife have a fight one day at night over this and Manav accidentally falls into the lake after Mahi pushes him. Years pass and Mahi is now in Goa with her Sonali with two cops always at her heels without she knowing about it!

    Suddenly Mahi starts behaving abnormally and seems to be under the control of a spirit. On top of it she falls in love with Milind, a singer to make things worse. The dead husband (or so it seems) appears and starts tormenting everyone, firstly Milind whom he injures in accident but he miraculously recovers. Then he bumps off the two cops .Mahi is taken to a spiritual counselor Dr.George Lucas who discovers that she is indeed under the influence of a spirit. It is also proven that Manav has indeed passed away 5 years back and he is out to make hell out of everyone ‘s life !A last attempt to finish Milind by Manav is thwarted by the counselor and at last the good and evil come face to face! The result? Well, let’s not talk about that right now! Let’s talk of other things related to the film.

    The film is a bilingual film, the Hindi version being called ‘Mad Love’ which is why you have artistes like Govind Namdeo, Mustaq Khan , Milind Gunaji and others acting in this film. The film has been nearly entirely shot in Goa and it is also a very bold film in recent times. We get to see Rituparna in a swimsuit and Parijat up, close and personal with Vivek Trivedi, her co star (up she also dons a bikini in this film, probably the first time that a actress in a lead role/second lead role has worn one).In fact Parijat has gone all the way to impress to do whatever it takes, but will it help the film? Well we don’t know!

    Regarding acting, there is no one really who really comes through with the top honours or even shines. When a case is going on, how can the person (who is being investigated) just leave town? Also several years pass! The cop investigating the case keeps on saying ‘Manav has mesmerized us’ several occasions. Does the maker of this film know the meaning of ‘mesmerize’? Sorry to say, a big ‘no’. The word should have been hypnotize and not mesmerize though there are similarities in the meaning. Over here however the word is not appropriate! Then you have a character called Martha who is straight out of the serial ‘Small Wonder’ on 'Star World’ where the character’s father was a robotic engineer who created her( a robot), only that here about Martha the way she walks, talks and moves makes her a robot, at times a zombie, but we have to accept that she is actually a human! Why!Just why are all these things done? Is it done to create the chill factor along with other elements? Sorry, it doesn’t work.

    The film had a solid subject line which could have been made into a good psychological thriller cum horror film, but we need to remember that the key element of any film will be it’s treatment otherwise it will fall flat. This is where it falls flat as our filmmakers are simply not capable of handling such project and come up with pathetic, shoddy productions which turn out to be like a B grade or C grade Hindi or Bengali flick.

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