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My Name Is Khan review by Hindustan Times
My Name Is Khan critic rating (Hindustan Times): 3
My Name Is Khan review by
My Name Is Khan critic rating ( 3.5
My Name Is Khan review by
My Name Is Khan critic rating ( 4.5
My Name Is Khan review by The Telegraph
My Name Is Khan critic rating (The Telegraph): 3.5
My Name Is Khan review by Times of India
My Name Is Khan critic rating (Times of India): 5

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My Name Is Khan  (2010 - Hindi)

My Name Is Khan movie review, and My Name Is Khan critics rating, comments on My Name Is Khan

My Name Is Khan cumulative rating: 4.1 out of 54.1/5 (104 users)

My Name Is Khan critics rating: 3.75 out of 5 3.75/5 (13 critics)

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  • Only the Shahrukh Khan the Actor could Repair this

    My Name Is Khan rating: 6 out of 10(Divya Solgama wrote on 13 Feb 2010)

    There are three types of Shah Rukh Khan fans, 1st and the largest are those who love the Superstar SRK than the Actor Shah Rukh Khan, 2nd are those who love the Actor Shah Rukh Khan than the Superstar SRK, and third are those who simple love him in any form, may it even be Guddu or Ram Jaane. The Superstar has been more successful and has a league of its own, but the Actor is also not so far, though has done quite less amount of work compared to the successful flow on the other side. But all those films have been my personal favorites like Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, Darr, Swades, Chak De India,etc, in these films he has tried doing what he does regularly and has succeeded in a big way. But again loads of dashes of entertaining films showcasing the superstar are flooded after each other. Now comes a film from that director who has been a big reason for making the Actor a huge Super Star. So what lies inside the film? Will it make the Superstar image more bigger or it will be an actor’s delight? Let’s find out.

    “My Name Is Khan” is story of Rizwan Khan {Shah Rukh Khan} who is suffering from a disorder, but is quite brilliant and has a heart of gold. He has learnt all the good values from his mother {Zarina Wahab} and thus after her death moves to USA to help his younger brother Zakir {Jimmy Shergil} in his work. While helping he meets Mandira {Kajol} a single parent and falls in love with her. Later they get married and all three live a great life, until the 9/11 stuff happens and things change in their life overnight. An unseen event occurs in their life and thus Rizwan sets out on the mission to meet the President of USA and give his message to him.

    Story is different and one can find some resembles form Forest Gump, but that’s it. Rests all are quite original and refreshing. Screenplay is superb in the movie till the last twenty minutes where suddenly it loses the earlier touch.

    Dialogs are fantastic and add the charm to Rizwan’s character. Few scenes like Shah Rukh-Zarina Wahab Good Vs Evil talk, Shah Rukh on sales call, Kajol Proposing Shah Rukh, Prayer for 9/11, Shah Rukh giving speech about his son in the Church, Shah Rukh in the mosque with Arif Zakaria, The FBI torture scenes, First night scenes, etc are mind blowing and I guess everyone will love it. Camera work is of top notch. Editing is crisp in first half, drags a bit in second and slows down in the climax.

    Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is good, but not like compared to earlier work of Karan Johar. Still Sajda is good and Naina is well shot. Background music is great and well justified.

    Karan Johar has tried to break his candy floss image by making this film and has highly succeeded in it. All the romantic scenes which are his usp have been superb, but the part after that is much better than it. He has used his candy floss image in proper manner and has given a mass viewing to such different genre. Till last 15-20 minutes you will love and appreciate his work, but as the movie drew to climax, suddenly the typical director gets alive and looses the flow and touch of the entire film. All the flood scenes looked forced, fake and dragged. You suddenly feel the movie is bit long and slow at that part. But as said earlier it’s the effort and branding of Karan Johar, due to which a different attempt has been dared and has been viewed on a mass level.

    For me this movie is in terms of character {read – Character and not acting or anything else} this is Shah Rukh’s PAA. In PAA you fall in love with Auro and out here you love Rizwan and want to hug him tightly. For first 5-10 mins you feel something odd or forced in this performance, but once that is passed you immidietly fall in love with him. Full marks to him. Kajol is good and few scenes like Proposal ones, Hospital Scene, etc she was brilliant but later hardly had anything more to offer. Zarina Wahab in small role was superb. Rest all like Jimmy Shergil, Soniajehan, Navneet Nishan, Praveen Dabraas, Vinay Pathak,etc are wasted in small roles.

    So bol meri “Filmi Khopdi” is film mein kitna hai dum ?

    Shah Rukh Khan ki performance to total dumdaar and dhamaal hain, movie bhi achi hain, entertaining, messageful, well performed hain. You won’t find the typical crying on the name of minority, or showing other community in bad light,etc. it’s in a total different manner used for touching your heart. Overall it’s an out and out Shah Rukh Khan film satisfying all his fans especially the fans who love the Actor more over the Super Star. You take out him from the film and you will find the soul missing. This Only the Shahrukh Khan the Actor could Repair this theme of world peace in such a beautiful manner than the Superstar. Though many might find it bit lengthy, slow and bit less on the entertainment part, also thanks to over hype and unwanted publicity. Despite all this it’s a good film with great intentions.

    Ratings – 3.75-4/5 {majority for Shah Rukh Khan & the theme only}

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