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    ! report abusekhajakhan
    khajakhan wrote on 21 Nov 2010

    He composed the tunes of Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story (2005) at the age of 86, thus becoming the world's oldest composer.

    ! report abuseDivya Solgama
    Divya Solgamawrote on 17 Oct 2010

    His family remained against music and Naushad had to hide the fact that he composes music from his family. When Naushad got married, the band was playing the tunes of the super hit songs of Naushad's film Rattan while Naushad's father and father-in-law were condemning the musician who had composed these songs, Naushad dared not tell them that it was he who had composed the music.

    ! report abuseAsha
    Asha wrote on 16 Oct 2010

    Naushad had requested Maharashtra state government to sanction a plot for the Academy for promoting Hindustani sangeet which was sanctioned during his lifetime & 'Naushad Academy of Hindustani sangeet' was formed.

    ! report abuseNIKHIL V V
    NIKHIL V Vwrote on 10 Oct 2010

    He won Filmfare award for the Best Music Director in 1954 for Baiju Bawra

    ! report abuseB.H.Harsh
    B.H.Harsh wrote on 27 Sep 2010

    He first got noticed with A.R. Kardar's film Sharda (1942) wherein 13-year-old Suraiya debut with Panchhi Ja song for the playback for heroine Mehtab. It was Rattan (1944) that took Naushad right to the top and enabled him to charge Rs 25,000 a film then.

    ! report abuseSusanta Guchait
    Susanta Guchaitwrote on 19 Aug 2010

    He set Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's verse, Unki yaad kare, to song in 2006, rendered by A. Hariharan in lead voice with 40 chorus singers, produced by Keshav Communications. The poem is dedicated to those who have lost their lives defending the country's border.

    ! report abusePreeti
    Preeti wrote on 17 Aug 2010

    Naushad completed Pakeezah (1972) after its Music Director, Ghulam Mohammed's death, who had worked earlier as his assistant for several films.

    ! report abuseahmedlive99
    ahmedlive99 wrote on 30 Jul 2010

    The echo effect he used in his film Rattan was achieved through a very crude but effective technique when he kept a microphone in a toilet which had ceramic tiles and then played the music so that the sound reverberated against those tiles, producing an echo effect.

    ! report abuseMaking things happen :)
    Making things happen :) wrote on 16 Jul 2010

    He composed for his first Independent film Prem Nagar in 1940 that had story set in Kachchh for which he did a lot of research into the folk music of the area. With A.R. Kardar's film Nai Duniya (1942), he got first credit as "music director" and he began to work regularly for Kardar Productions.

    ! report abuseshalini
    shalini wrote on 13 Jul 2010

    In Uran Khatola (1955), he recorded an entire song without the use of orchestra, having replaced the sound of musical instruments with choral sound of humming.


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