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New York  (2009 - Hindi)

New York movie review, and New York critics rating, comments on New York

New York cumulative rating: 3.35 out of 53.35/5 (84 users)

New York critics rating: 2.9 out of 5 2.9/5 (4 critics)

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  • New York rating: 7 out of 10(Dipen Guha wrote on 30 Jun 2009)

    As the film sets forth, the audiences can take a bird's eye view of New York, the city of ultimate modernity. The practical features are changing into the sketch-crafts denoting the blue-prints of the sky-kissing buildings. Omar(Neil Nitin Mukesh), a young aspirant from India (Delhi) who came to this city in 1999 with the scholarship studied at the New York State University, is now held by the FBI as some arms have been found in his car. He is tormented by the high-ranking official of the FBI Roshan (Irfan) who accuses him of terrorist activities. He is actually forced to confess about his rapport with Samir/Sam (John Abraham)who is a suspect in the 9/11 issue. Now the film focuses on Omar's "Salad days"in the University when became intimate with Maya(Katrina) and Sam. The three were the bosom cronies. Omar had bent for Maya who loved Sam. But the director Kabir Khan indulges least in the triangular love phenomenan. Meanwhile the 9/11 tragedy comes to pass and the then USA govt. became up and doing in tightening vigilence and holding the Indians in their black-book. The film now focuses on the present and Omar, who has long been away from the company of his friends Maya and Sam, is asked to go back to Sam, who is now a bold suspect of his terrorist activities for an act of espionage on behalf of the FBI. Though reluctant, he has to take the assignment up for proving his innocence and save his friend Sam. Omar also comes to know that Sam and Maya are married and have a child. Omer meets Maya who brings him home. Omar does not believe that Sam is a terrorist. He contends with Irfan, the FBI official until he is shown some photographs in which Sam's link with other noted terrorists is vivid. Following a great deal of dramatic situations, Omar comes to know the truth. He also learns, how Sam was inhumanly and brutally treated when he was unlawfully retained in the FBI custody which brought about about his post-traumatic disorder. So what he is doing is retributional. That Sam monitors an activists' organisation is not known to his dear wife who works for Human Rights. Eventually, Maya comes to know that Omar is an assigned agent of the FBi and also learns the other activities of her husband. As the story comes to the climax, Sam is seen fitting time-bombs at the FBI building. Eventually, all the major chracters are in the same building to be blown off. It is on the hand of Sam the life of everbody depend. Sam is determined to effect the catestrophe. But, when Omar informs that Maya is also in the same building, Sam is weakened. The remort he is holding inhis hand drops down, just when there is fusillade by the FBI forces that killed Sam and his wife Maya.
    Then the movie moves to the prospective of six months later when we see the child of Maya and Sam, whose care has been taken of by Omar, is cheered up by his friends. Irfan who has appeared to be the archtect of all events comes there and when dismal Omar cries down the brutality, Rosan(Irfan) says "The answer is there". He actually points out the jocund company of kids who are immune from all segrigations, ill-feelings, hatred and racial or communal hostility.
    "Kabul Express" has stationed at "New York" with larger promise. Kabir Khan has done a brilliant and research-oriented job keeping his story-telling art intact. The first half and the second havenot been kneeted with balanced delicacy. The second-half could have been abriged a bit. Phtography is superb though perfectness in editing may be questioned. In terms of acting, Neil Nitin Mukesh whoes role is more complex than any other character in the film, has left an abiding impression. Irfan, in his under acting style is brilliant. John who has been given a wide berth, is good but not outstanding. Katrina, presunably, has given her best performance. She is here meant for acting, and not as style-icon. Though the film is not political, it hints upon contemptuous Bush regime. Innocent young men who are officially stamped or branded as terrorists multiply the clouds of terrorism in the horizon. Policies adopted to check terrorism may ,often. compound the rate of terrorists' intelligentsia.

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