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Akshay keen on doing negative roles

May 22 2012 8:38PM

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Actor Akshay Kumar, who makes a comeback to action film with Rowdy Rathore, is also keen on doing negative roles, something similar to his act in Ajnabee.

"I like doing negative roles, but something like the one I did in Ajnabee where the villain is not just to beat up. There should be some material as well. If I get something like that, then I'll definitely do it," the 44-year-old, a fan of Bollywood's yesteryear villain Ranjeet, said here.

Akshay says actors are totally driven by audience's preferences.

"We are like products, we present what the audience likes. People love when Shah Rukh Khan does a romantic film, people want me to do action so I am doing action, they want me to do comedy so I do comedy," said Akshay.

He says it is risky to do something out-of-the-box.

"Sometimes there are things which we like and present to the audience, that is called experimental. I did 8X10 Tasveer, which was more of an experimental film, to make myself happy. But it made the distributors sad," said Akshay.

The versatile became a mass hero with his films like Mohra, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Welcome, Housefull and the "Khiladi" series.

Akshay's next is Rowdy Rathore, releasing on June 1. Besides this, he will be seen in varied films like sci-fi thriller Joker, real-life hiest drama Special Chabbis (a real-life hiest drama) and his co-production Khiladi 786.

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