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Amy Winehouse's statue in Camden?

Jun 8 2012 1:31PM

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Playback singer Amy WinehousePlayback singer Amy Winehouse

There are plans to put up a life-size bronze statue of late singer Amy Winehouse at the Roundhouse concert hall, near her home in Camden, where she died last year.

"We think it's important that Amy's contribution to music is recognised in Camden, but the idea is in its early stages of development at the moment," quoted a spokesman for the venue as saying.

Winehouse fought a long battle with drug and alcohol addiction. She was 27 when she died.

Her family is confident in gaining planning permission but are unsure about how it will be funded.

Said her father Mitch Winehouse: "It will be bronze, life-size, and on the first-floor balcony next to the Roundhouse bar. What we'd like to have is Amy leaning over the balcony and looking, and perhaps pointing, towards Camden Town from Chalk Farm Road."

"It's just getting the money for it. If there are any corporations in Camden that would like to sponsor it then they'd be very welcome to get in touch.

"Amy was in love with Camden but for us, it is a place that we associate with heartbreak and love, because we loved Amy dearly. We wanted to have a bench in her memory outside her house in Camden Square, but there are so many hoops you have to jump through to do that," he added.

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Amy's statue in Camden?

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