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Asha Bhosle lends voice to Marathi film 'Gurukul'

Nov 25 2014 3:01PM

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Legendary singer Asha Bhosle recorded a Lavani for new Marathi film 'Gurukul', written and directed by Rommel Rodrigues.

"Ashaji's golden melodious voice has given a outstanding treatment to the lavani that we have in the film, which has been set in a very apt situation and is not just a filler," said Rommel.

Ashaji said she was happy doing this song and its not a typical Kolhapuri masala lavani but was a different kind of song.

The song has been written by Prashant Ingole and the music has been composed by Sanjay Raj Gaurinandan.

The film is under shooting and is expected to wind up by the last week of December 2015.

The film revolves around six three ex-students, (three boys and three girls) of Gurukul a big campus college based in the outskirts of city in a town called Raanjangaon and the central character of the film is the Guruji of the college. The three boys and girls are now settled in lives as leading Lawyer, CEO and Businessmen.

Film based on the theme of pollicisation of higher education in Maharashra, importance of human values with education should be imparted to

students of higher education.

Certain things which are done only in school like start with prayer are practiced in Gurukul.

People specifically send their children to Gurukul only because only in Gurukul along with education, ethics and values of human life is taught.

The central character of the film is the Principal (Kulguru) of the college who is fondly called as Guruji who believes guiding the students without using harsh methods, he never punishes the students the usual way.

For example when one student is caught copying he sends him to the VIP guest house and treats him, after some hours he gets self-realisation of his mistake and he vows never to repeat his mistake.

Post interval we see that one politician has captured Gurukul by fraud means forging paper and pained by all this Guruji has left the college and gone somewhere which no one knows.

The three students then take a vow to search and bring back the Guruji, along with social movement to expose the politician. The climax takes a dramatic turn and event he politician repents and reforms in the end.

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Asha lends voice to 'Gurukul'

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