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Atul Parchure takes a step forward to enhance interaction with fans

Jan 2 2013 5:12PM

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In today's times it has become extremely easy to establish communication anywhere in the nook and corner of the world using the medium of internet. Email, Websites, Facebook, Twitter and Blog have become the bywords of the modern world. Even the world of entertainment is not an exception to this.

Several popular artistes are leading this stride of staying abreast with the opinions of their fans using the social networking sites. But famous artiste Atul Parchure has taken up a different step by launching a website of his own with the objective of making available the information of his work and establishing a channel of communication with his fans instead of being just restricted to Facebook or Twitter. Atul Parchure shall be meeting his fans through the medium of his own website Mr. Vikas Kore, a Marathi entrepreneur based in Australia has designed this website through his information technology company, BizCat Solutions Inc. From 1st January 2013, it is being launched for the exclusive access of netizens.

Atul Parchure has left an indelible imprint of his acting potential through variety of mediums so far. Whether they are the advertisements of renowned brands, experimental or commercial theatre or the Marathi, Hindi TV Soaps or event films, Atul has made audiences feel his presence through his versatile acting talent. Needless to say, Atul deservingly boasts a wide spectrum of fan following not only in the state of Maharashtra but across the world also. It is virtually impossible to stay in touch with all of these fans at any single point of time. That is why Atul has chosen the option of a website. Atul intends to keep communicating his fans and widely spread audiences through this website as well as through his official Facebook, Twitter pages and Email Id.

Thousands of Atul's photographs, variety of advertisements played by him, theatre performances and videos of his films can be seen using this website. The main characteristic of this website is that it has been designed in both the languages, Marathi and English. Therefore Atul feels confident that it will facilitate to be a worldwide channel of communication.

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Atul Parchure launches website

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For Any clarification on news, contact us via this link, or write to us: content(AT)