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Bhushan-Himesh Make Mellifluous Magic

Oct 18 2008 12:37PM

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Bhushan Kumar and Himesh Reshammiya may be in the news for creating history with the catchy Karzzzz numbers, but the duo are coming out with a  very interesting fare with T Series' Kajraare. With essentially Indian music, the sound of Kajraare will be something that will come as a pleasant surprise to Himesh fans.

Says Bhushan Kumar, "Kajraare is a film with a heart and set in timeless virgin locales. We did a lot of scouting for the picturesque locations before we actually zeroed in on the same. The music is different and very Indian, that is the essence of Kajraare. Himesh has worked very hard on this film post doing a wonderful job with Karzzzz. The music of Kajraare will catch on. It touches a chord in you"

Himesh shares similar feelings for the young music mogul. "Bhushan has done a  no expenses spared effort to give Kajraare its due. Pooja (Bhatt) and I share a great tuning and she has not just directed the film but has designed the film as well. Monalaizza has amazing screen presence and most importantly, it is penned by Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, which is a wonderful thing."

Here is looking forward to this young music makers create a differential sound of Kajraare on celluloid.

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Bhushan-Himesh Make Mellifluous Magic

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