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'Billu Ustaad' kicks off with songs recording by Kailash Kher & Vaishali Samant

Feb 4 2016 3:11PM

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The Music muhurat of 'Billu Ustaad', India's first Hindi film on child terrorism, produced by Narayan Films, was held at Kailasa Studio. The songs rendered in the voice of Kailash Kher and Vaishali Samant were recorded at the venue. Actors Priyanshu Chatterjee & Mithila Naik were also present at the Music muhurat and interacted with the media.

The films story idea and concept of the film was with the producer, Mr. Shantanu Singh, for a long time. Together with the director Suvahhdan Angre, Mr. Singh has come across to give a message to the society with this film "Billu Ustaad".

Suvahhdan is known as Producer/Director for his maiden film "Aadesh-Power of Law" made on the life of Public Prosecutor, Mr. Ujjwal Nikam, which is scheduled to release in the next two months. He is also directing another film on the dreaded underworld Don Abu Salem.

Suvahhdan Angre, Director of Billu Ustaad, "If ISISI, Militant groups and Jihadis can train kids to fight against India and spread terrorism. India also has kids like Billu who can be trained to fight to save our country. With this film we can bring alive the patriotic feeling from the teenage. The film also shows the ashram life is detail, the children's happy moments and unity."

Shantanu Singh, Producer of Billu Ustaad said, "The thought was entertainment with a message to the society. Children are the biggest source of motivation and inspiration. The film has funny moments, and the life of kids in an orphanage environment. Dialogues and screenplay are done in such a way that kids and especially their parents should get a message,".

Billu Ustaad, is a story of a boy named Billu and his friends, and their lives in the Anathashram (orphanage). Billu is a courageous and confident boy, who is aware of the happenings around him. He has four good friends, whom he plays, laughs and fights with. The story takes a twist when Billu's friends are kidnapped by terrorists and brain-washed to do terrorists activities. Billu along with an IAS officer Ajay and ATS officer Siraj gives a tough time to terrorists is highlighted in this movie.

Suvahhdan Angre has assisted in well-known films Like Tare Zameen Par, The Myth (Hollywood), Jodhaa Akbar and Om Jai Jagdish etc. and has been in Bollywood for the past 15 years. Music Director for Billu Ustaad is Shreerang Aras and lyrics have been penned by Sachin Nikam and Divyesh Mungra.

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'Billu Ustaad' kicks off with songs recording

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