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'Chatushkon' to release on 26th September

Sep 4 2014 7:00PM

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Srijit Mukherji's 'Chatushkon' produced by Reliance Entertainment and Dag C Media will bring 6 directors for the first time in a film. While Srijit has directed the film, Parambrata Chatterjee, Chiranjeet Chakrabarty, Aparna Sen, Kaushik Ganguly and Goutam Ghosh will be seen in the film as actors. Besides them the film also stars Shantilal Mukherjee, Debalaneen Dutta, Payel Sarkar, Anindya Banerjee, Indrasish Roy ,Sumit Sammadar. Manashi Sinha, Koneenica Banerjee and others. The film has one of the biggest ensemble casts in recent times where 14 or more actors or actresses of repute will be seen together. The film is a mystery because well, barring the four essential people of a pack of cards-King, Queen, Joker and Ace played by Chiranjeet, Aparna Sen, Parambrata Chatterjee and Goutam Ghosh respectively, most of the others don't have a

clue about the story of the film and it is all a big mystery! Chatushkon will definitely be Srijit's most challenging work till date of making the film work because he has so many actors and actresses to handle! Anupam Roy is back as the music director after a gap in a Srijit Mukherjee film.

A press meet of the film was held at Princeton on Wednesday.

The film releases on 26th September

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'Chatushkon' release on 26 Sep

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