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'Chhip Suto Char' eyeing an end-April release

Mar 20 2016 5:55PM

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Poster of Chhip Suto CharPoster of Chhip Suto Char

Women are exploited in every segment or sector in our society and the film industry is no exception. In fact here, people tend to think that women are easily available as they will do anything to land themselves a role which is true. However many of them don't even land any roles for themselves and well, only get exploited and end up being nowhere . Fame and quick money leads women to this profession, but as mentioned, most end up nowhere. Chip Suto Char, an upcoming new Bengali film will try to highlight the plight of such women in the film industry but will simultaneously project a different face of women- women who are confident, who have things in their control, who are not afraid to take risky steps and most importantly can retaliate if required and give back where it hurts. The film wants to highlight that exploitation of women must stop and people who intend to exploit women must be cautious from now or must be ready to face the consequences. The film stars relatively newcomers in the form of Kakon, Tania, Debolina, Sharmistha and Mou Baidya besides Gaurav Ghoshal and Joy Bhattacharya who has written the story, screenplay and dialogues besides playing the lead role and has also produced the film along with Susanta Saha and Satwik Swain. The film has been directed by Sushanta Saha.

The film has several explicit scenes and is full of steamy scenes and one hopes that the film is passed by the censors with minor cuts as it is eying a release on 29th April.

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'Chhip Suto Char' to release end-April

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