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Dev & Sayantika create a 'storm' at launch of 'Party Shoes' song from Bindaas

Jun 19 2014 4:37PM

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The film has just one song in the form called 'Party Shoes' ready till now, but that was more than enough to launch the video version of the song live in front of a huge audience at the South City Mall Atrium on Wednesday. The mall was packed with Dev's fans and while Sayantika who co stars with Dev and Srabanti(who wasn't present on the occasion) in this film kept the audience occupied and on their toes by chatting with them and later and even moved a few steps to her hot song 'Awara Mein Awara', the title track from her film Awara. However the moment Dev appeared, the crowd simply went wild and didn't budge an inch. Dev waved, blew kisses and even danced a few steps to his song and that made the crowd go even more wild when both Dev+Sayantika shook a leg or two to the number. Yes, the man simply rocks! Just imagine if one single song can create such an atmosphere, as and when more songs will be composed for the film, what the reaction will be!

The film which is sure to draw in hordes of people releases towards the end of July and has been directed by Rajin and has been directed Shree Venkatesh Films. Party Song has been written by Savvy+Riddhi , composed by Savvy and sung by Shadaab Hashmi+Neha Kakkar.

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Dev & Sayantika create a 'storm'

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For Any clarification on news, contact us via this link, or write to us: content(AT)